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Black Ship Grooming Aftershaves

I am wondering how many have dabbled in any of these BSG aftershaves (or shave soaps) and what your reviews are? I am also interested in hearing if any of these smell like COPIES of any other well known scents? They have so MANY that I'm guessing at least some of them are very close to other frags we know?

I am willing to blind buy a couple a/s which I haven't done with anything in years. The scent ingredients for several of them sound right up my alley and I love the cartoonish images on the bottles and soap containers which I just might end up collecting if I buy enough.
I think the only ones that are similar are queen anne's revenge and captains reserve, probably not copies but very similar notes to creed aventus.


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I am just seeing your thread for the first time. I'm loaded with their products. I like them. Their soap isn't the slickest I have, but it's incredibly easy to lather and provides good protection. Their scents are very nice...they have a number of aquatic scent that's a home run in my book.

I have:

Calypso's Curse
Captain Scurvy
Davy Jones
High Seas
Port Royal
Shipwreck Cove

There isn't any one of these that I don't like, although I'm partial to Captain Scurvy (Sandalwood/Vanilla/Lime) and High Seas, a straight up unapologetic aquatic that's nicely done.

I have several of their aftershave splashes. They're all nice...however...you should know that they're all mentholated. If you're not a huge fan of that in an aftershave splash, you may want to go light on ordering their splashes. I'm not a huge fan of menthol, but have few of them anyway. Sometimes the cool feels nice on a hot summer day.

The proprietor is a first class guy. Has always been very helpful to me when I order his products. And as you pointed out...I like their pirate theme...GWAAAAR!
I got thomas tew and it's a fairly nice orange scent, I don't get sandalwood or other nots really. I am a menthol addict and to me it's a very light menthol. If cryogen is a 10 this is probably around a 1 on the menthol scale. I think there newer soap base is very nice. I need to do more testing, but it might be up there with southern witchcrafts. The old base was good but not on this level.
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