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    I have been looking around for a new aquatic for this summer.I picked this up at TJ Maxx for 10 bucks.I read online that it is a clone of Chanel blue.I sampled it in the store nice,not exactly the standard aquatic the assistant manager was putting up shelves and asked her opinion she gave it a "nice".It's Aquatic with some depth.I sprayed some on and headed out to lunch with the wife.I picked her up about 15 minutes later.When she got in the car she commented"you smell nice".So it passes the wife test.

    The box is rather simplistic black and mirrored blue.The back of the box lists the notes.Rather nice of the company
    .top notes-bergamot and verbena.
    heart notes-coumarin,oakmoss.
    base notes-sandalwood and tonka bean

    The spray bottle is 3.4 oz of clear glass containing dark blue liquid with a sprayer.I call it a sprayer as it does not put forth a mist.Rather it drenches you.
    The scent is nice aquatic with some depth.It has mild projection for the first hour and then it settles down to a bit more than a skin scent for 5-6 hours.After that it is a skin scent quite a while.It seems to last a long time when sprayed on clothing or hair and have a bit better projection than when on skin.It is apparent the next morning at a low level.

    I wish it had a bit better projection but it is nice enough and well worth the 10 bucks I paid for it.
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    well, if it passes the wife test, no way to argue with that!!
    however, real chanel bleu is great, if you ever get a chance to try!!

    aos ocean kelp shavemac kai chanel bleu june 14 2014.jpg

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