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Black Friday's in the future

I think I will buy my whole year budget next black Friday!! Wow there are some great deals out there. What do you want to share was your best deal.
Mine had to be Storybook Soaps 50% off aftershave,30% off soap. Had to get a set of Shaken. Too bad they will not be making it anymore.
Definitely. Black Friday is one of the best times to purchase shaving gears as every artisan/shop seems to be dropping their prices real low.

For me, I picked up some deals from Stirling. They had 3oz tubs for $7.50 and some body butter deals that I'd like to gift.

Also, WCS had free shipping for new items so I picked one up.

Soapy Science had 50% discounts so I had to pick up a couple. Crazy deals around the month.
I managed to stay on restraint (despite drooling at the deals). :sob::sob:
Yes it is funny sometime I just put things in the cart and never order. And it is funny how they send you a email tell me I have items in my cart. I think it is like people who try to stop smoking by putting a cigarette in there mouth, but do not light up!!