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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals at WCS

Black Friday: 20% Off Sitewide, 40% Off WCS Products.

Black Friday Releases 12PM EST
-Yates Safety Razor
-Black Ship Grooming Seasonal Releases
-Dr. Jon’s Strangelove
-Barrister and Mann Nordost
-Grooming Dept - Maleki and Melody
-WCS Lithe Safety Razor Head (Designed by Charcoal Goods)

CYBER MONDAY: 20% Off Side wide, 30% Off WCS Products on orders over $45 + Free Shipping.

Exclusive Releases & Deals 11 AM EST

Exclusive Releases

-Kryptonite by Mammoth Soaps
-Infinity Brushes w/ That Darn Rob Fanchurian Knot.

Door Buster Deals
$11 Duck fat Shave Soaps
50% Off WCS Aftershaves
$30 Safety Razor Kit
50% Off WCS Straight Razors
50% Off WCS Basic Synthetic Shaving Brushes.

Exclusive Releases & Deals 4 PM EST

Exclusive Releases

-Grooming Dept Charbon and Luxor Shaving Soap
-Zingari Man The Soloist
-Talbot Shaving Soap Sample, Howick Hall

Door Buster Deals
50% Off Jojoba Shave Creams
$25 WCS Best Selling Silvertip Shaving brush
55% Off WCS Wood And Brass Razors
$139 Straight razor Kit

*Exclusive releases are not eligible for the Cyber Monday discounts.
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I just picked up some awesome stuff at great discounts! @West Coast Shaving, what can you tell me about the Lithe razor head designed by CG? The pent head reminds me of the Alfa plastic razor from Czech Republic. At your selling price, I am assuming it is a zamak head? I got one anyway because of the price and because the Alfa is is a great shaver.
its a mild shaver. Zinc aloy witch a chome finish. Good everyday shaver for an irritation-free mild shave. YMMV like with everything else tho. We enjoyed shaving with the prototypes.