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Black Beauty?

Hi Just purchased a 1963 Gillette Black Beauty SR.
It is a 4 inch long razor. The reason I bought it = longer for bigger hands!!!!!

Anyone know of it or try it? Was wondering if I bought the right razor. I guess it is on personell feelings I guess but was wondering if anyone else out there has one?? Any info would be great as I am new at this SR shaving.

thanks Joel
Joel, The Super Adjustable you have is a fine razor. I have had them for shavers and have one that I keep in my showcase.

I personally don't care for the extra length. I like a heavier razor so I like my 55' Gillette Diplomat the best. Don't get me wrong, many fellows like the longer handles. It all comes down to what works best for you.

I would suggest you try a Gillette Super-Speed and if the opportunity presents itself, a Diplomat.
While your at it a blade sampler from westcoastshaving.com is a good way to check out several different blades.

I'm sure you will figure out soon enough that there are many options when it comes to shaving gear, blades, razors, brushes, soaps and creams.

Like many of us, your journey will be full of trial items.
I suggest to start out slow and work on technique first and then start experimenting with different razors, blades and combinations of.

The bottom line is....Enjoy the shave!
Yup. I agree. The Super Adjustable is a fine razor. I have had several and still have a couple on hand. They have an excellent feel with the resin coated and elongated handle.
Thanks for the advice fellas. I will have to check into these helpful hints. The razor arived today so here i go...slash and burn maybe...lol
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