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FT Birth Year Zippo


I'm looking for a 1981 Zippo. I don't need the box or paperwork. Used is okay, as long as it's not too dinged up. I'm not looking for any fancy designs, but if that's all you have, I might be interested.

Here's what I have to trade.
-A.P. Shave Co. 28mm Cashmere in Blue Lagoon. Used a few times, cleaned and sanitized. No box.
-Omega "Stripey" 63171 24mm pure badger. NIB with stand.
-Simpson Trafalgar T2. Used once. Cleaned and sanitized. With box.
-Stirling Kong, 26mm. Used twice, then cleaned and sanitized since I got another one. No box.
-West Coast Shaving 30mm synthetic in Honeycomb Green. NIB.

DE Razors (each will come with a tuck of blades):
-Merkur HD34C. Heavy-duty version of the 34C. Used less than five times. Cleaned, sanitized, and lubricated. No box.
-Mühle R89*. This is the Mühle R89 with heavy duty handle, but sold as Art of Shaving. It doesn't have any markings other than the Mühle "4" stamped on the cap. Never used, but sanitized and lubricated. No box.

If you're into flashlights or knives, I have some that I can part with. Tell me what you're looking for.

I live in the United States (Ohio). I can ship to US and Canadian addresses.
I'll pay to send your package; you do the same.
I ship via USPS; please do the same.

Thanks for looking :)
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Oh dang so close But yet so far away.
LOL —MY 1979. Zippo.

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My 1981 Zippo slim with my initials on it. My Mother Gave me it for my 15th Birthday. Those were the Days. Lol.

Had to dig deep into my Zippo Stash.
My Oldest one is 1953 ? Also came across a 1968 one.

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