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Anybody have experience with the Biotherm line of after-shave products?
The stuff is pretty expensive but the line looks intriguing:
Active Shave Repair - "With the pure extract of thermal plankton. Helps repair irritation caused by shaving, Redness and feelings of over heating.
Soothing Balm Alcohol Free - "Soothes razor burn. Brings day-long comfort and suppleness to the skin."
Aquatic Lotion - "A new generation after shave, this lotion, a gel that turns to liquid upon contact with the skin, soothes razor burn and instantly tonifies."
Razor Burn Eliminator - "Soothes razor burn. Slight alcohol content to instantly dynamize, tone and refresh the skin."

For the money they're asking this stuff ought to work as advertised....

I use Active Shave Repair and I love it. I actually thought it was discontinued (I think it is here in Canada). Forget the other ones and try the Active. It is really good. Only use a small dab of it. Very light, non-greasy, and very soothing.
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