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Billings, MT

Anyone have a heads up on some decent shaving supplies near eastern Montana (I say 'near' because I know there is nothing 'in')? Other feasible towns are Sheridan, WY and Miles City, MT.

Online has sufficed thus far, but it would be nice to see/smell some of this stuff before I pay for it.

Also, it may be nice to know there are fellow B&B'ers nearby.
Good luck with your search. I lived in Billings for about ten years. I've heard it's built up quite a bit since I left in '95, so there might be a big-box department store.

You might have better luck in Bismarck or Rapid City. If you can find more than one place, maybe take a day trip.

Oh, and thanks for the cold snap. You can have it back now. :lol:
What is Hennesys? I moved to a small town called Lame Deer just this past January. Billings is about 100 miles away, so I don't go over there too often. It is the nearest bigger city, though.

As far as dept. stores, there is a mall with a Bath and Body Works (they sell C.O. Bigelow, right?). Other than that, what department stores should I look for?

Rapid city is about three hours away, and Bismark would take an overnight trip at least. I may venture to both before my year here is up, but it won't be any time soon.

Are there no other users here that live in MT, WY, or western SD?

Just out of curiosity, what did you two think of your time in Montana?
Sorry.. Brain fart. I ment to say Herbergers. I goolged Rimrock Mall and found them still listed. They would be my best guess.
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