@BigJ Brush ?

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Graydog, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    So what should the @BigJ brush look like ?
    @BigJ always has a kind word and gives great advice.
    I have a few pieces of wood laying around that need to be turned
    and His name came up in so many posts that I thought
    I can make Him Smile why not. :)
    Well Give me a few suggestion and we can come up with
    a Forum designed Brush for Him .
    Type of wood or woods to be used ,handle shape ,size and knot.
  2. I am SMILING ALREADY!! :a29::a29:
  3. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Emeritus

    Knotty, worm-riddled wood, with lots of jagged areas :ihih:

    .... is what I would throw away when selecting stock :tongue_sm
  4. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Come on Sam He is almost Canadian :) A
  5. A worthy & well deserving gentleman that BigJ is!! Well done Graydog!:a14:
  6. Its gotta be warm and full of class. He is an admirable gentleman.

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  7. I'm thinking two tone for sure. Otoh, I've always been a fan of Cocobola. Ooh maybe try some Bocote or Wenge. Those are nice too!

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  8. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Emeritus

    If you have any of the same horse-knot stock that you used in the Viper brush left, that could be a thought, Steve. I simply LOVE that knot (and duh, the handle too!).
  9. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    So @BigJ what are your thoughts ?
    let's start with knot size and type
  10. Great question Sir!! After trying (more than) a few, my general preference is 22-24 mm badgers.
  11. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    You might want a big knot to match the name BigJ and a warm textured wood and a long handle for big hands!
    Congratulations BigJ for getting a Graydog brush that you deserve.
    Have some great shaves!
  12. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    24mm ,check .
    Light color or dark wood ?
    Heavy grain?
  13. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    This is true.
  14. Gentlemen, You are too kind!! :a29::a29:

    (And Greydog is more than GENEROUS with his craftsmaship!)
  15. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    I have two handles working that I will let you choose from I had 3 but it was drilled for 26mm
  16. Look forward to this choice!! Thank you Sir!! :clap::clap::clap:
  17. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Alright @BigJ
    Here is one that I just Finished (knot is not set)
    What do You Think ? 2 Pieces of Cross Cut Zebra wood BigJ.jpg BigJ2.jpg
  18. Lovely!! Absolutely lovely!! Wonderful grain! :a50::a50::a50::a50:

    Doubt even you could do much better!!
  19. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Thanks BigJ I am going to try :)
  20. Wow, it is an incredible looking brush.

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