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Big Swedes

So, just as the title says - what are the big Swedish blades out there? Preferrably types that can still be around for purchase.

A couple of months ago I got three smaller ones from Honed, Hejlestrand, Söderen, Engström and all are great shavers! Last week i honed an GoldDollar #300 and got a great but rough shave from it as well. After a couple pf more shaves with the GD I realised that I do like the larger blade so I would love to try a Swedish Razor of similar or larger size. I also seem to have a preference to thin blades, frameback or faux framebacks.

So, any recommendation from the more experienced guys here?

And yes - no special reason for Swedish blades more than that I have tried a couple and like them - and of course that I am Swedish, so why not start there ;)
I am told that Swedish steel is pretty special. I believe Heljestrand invented one type of steel. I was very lucky a couple of months ago to locate a quarter hollow SSA 6/8. I love it.
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Interesting subject!

Sadly, there was never a Swede bigger then 6/8 produces in any larger quantities.
Even bigger then 5/8 is rather unusual. Bigger then 7/8 is like hen's teeth..

The biggest Swede I've seen is the E.A Berg 8/8 full hollow seen here

Then there is also a few different Heljestrands that gets up to around 8/8.
All of them never produced in more then very limited quantities.

The biggest Swede that shows up with some sort of regularity is the C.V Helljestrand MK#33. A 7/8 behemoth. Sought after by almost every straight shaver in the world. So expect to pay thru the nose when one shows up...

About a year ago a batch of Klas Törnblom 13/16 to 7/8 ¾-½ ground blades started to surface. The model was called "185" and it was later established that "someone" found a box of old blades in a ware-house that once belonged to the Törnblom forge.
Here is a thread about the "185"

The MK#32, 6/8 is a bit more common, but still commands (& deserves!) top dollar.

Other 6/8 includes several of the older frameback models, Söderén, Törnblom, Berg, Heljestrand, et al all made these.

And of course, the 6/8 SSA mentioned earlier here.
That is one very fine razor indeed. Quite "un-Swedish" in it's grind, but oh so nice :001_tt1:

So in short, there is no bigger Swede that is easy or cheap to get hold of.
I'd say the ones that a less hard to track down is the Heljestrand MK#32 & some of the bigger framebacks.

For a short while the 185 was pretty easy to come by.
There was 6 listed at the same time on Tradera & several in every antique shop in Eskilstuna. And a steady supply on eBay.

But those times are gone.. Best bet now is to find someone that has more then one 185 & wave a big roll of cash before them. But if they only have one, they aren't likely to let it go, everyone who has shaved with one has seemed duly impressed.

The subject as for why Swedish razors were smaller in general compared to other countries is something I've never heard a resonable explanation to.
My best guess is the relative poverty here at that time-frame & by keeping the razors small, you saved a lot on the cost of steel.

But size really doesn't matter. More then one experienced shaver that is really sure that "he only like the big razors" has been completely flabbergasted when I have forced them to try shaving with something like a Heljestrand MK#30 (4/8)
They aren't just fantastic shavers for their size. They are fantastic razors. Period.

Good hunting :w00t:
Thanks guys.

For those inclined, in this thread ,"Swedish razor pics", there is a lot of pics of various Swedes, among them the bigger Heljes, the MKs & the SSA.
Thanks Jens,

I kind of expected it would be you who answered this one ;)

Seems I should put this plans on the shelf unless I stumble upon a Mk33 or other larger when I'm in Sweden in September - It would still be fun to compare. Until then I will of course NOT shun any smaller blade coming my way ;) After all I love the Engström frameback 11/16 and the Heljestrand Faux frameback i got from you. Do you remember the size of the Hejlestrand by any chance?


If I want to try larger size of other steel than Chinese, I guess I better go south to Germany or France. Some day..
9/16 IIRC

Sheffield is the easiest way to find big blades.
7/8's are everywhere & for a little more cash 8/8+ is no problem to find.
Shows up every week on eBay.

They are obviously a lot different both in steel & grind then Swedes, but they can sure be smooooooth & great shavers.
Plus, most Sheffield steel was made from Swedish iron ore :wink2:

And even if they are dirty & rusty, they are the easiest to restore IMO, lots of steel, so they don't get dangerously hot or to thin easily during restoration.


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Big Swedes are worth looking for. Took me a couple of years to land a Mk. 33 but when I finally did, the price was right. Start looking now and bid on all of them. You never know, you may get lucky.
Wll, i guess I will settle for something around 6/8 just as the GoldDollar. But will wait and see what show up on B/S/T first. I am in no mood to chase on ebay. Never am in fact ;)
I've been looking around for some swedish blades. What's a fair price to pay for vintage, common blades?
A very BIG Swede sold yesterday at SRP in their classified section for $385... Here was the description...
For sale is a huge piece of Swedish steel from the Eskilstuna masters at CV Heljestrand. Every Helje at every size is a force to be reckoned with, and this beast is no exception. It is a sweet smooth shaver ranking up there with the best in my collection, though possibly more rare.
The blade measures 8/8 with a roundpoint and exhibits near perfect finish with no rust, no spots, no scratches. The scales are the original black celluloids with tight pins, straight shooters. Comes with original Heljestrand watertight box. Also comes shave ready. Shipping is 5$ CONUS priority. International is 15$.
Trades considered.

A nice rare item indeed, best wishes to the winner of this beauty!
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