Big Leaf Maple burl and Acrylic.

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by stone and strop, Feb 18, 2019.

    I purchased a blank from a local woodturner (Dave Bell) who has been creating some phenomenal blanks for pens and brushes.
    I would like to thank JB1963 ( a member here) who introduced me to Dave as well as sharing his Knot source and his friendship over the last while.

    Dave Bell's blanks combine anything from pine cones, shredded money, to spalted and burl woods with acrylic.
    Woods are stabilized then cast in acrylic by Dave himself.

    I finally had a chance to turn some today,






    After first use.

  1. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

  2. Nice work. I like the shape and the materials look very nice also.
  3. Fabulous work Stone and Strop. That brush is gorgeous!!!
    Pleasure is all mine my friend!
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  4. Interesting combination of materials!
  5. Very nice!
  6. Yes it is. It makes use of pieces of heavily spalted wood, wood with wormholes and odd shapes that would not be good for anything else.
    Really amazing stuff to see.
  7. Worthless wood/hybrid blanks or whatever you like to call them have being getting a lot of facetime lately. Nice job on that, you were able to use a beautiful piece of wood that probably would’ve been thrown away.
  8. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    It's different. First glance I did not like it then I looked again and I was becoming mesmerized. Not looking again.:302:
  9. Almost scary looking. I saw faces in there!

  10. Ha ha, I see a face now too in the third last phot. Something out of star wars?
  11. Beautiful none the less!!
  12. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Very Nice!
  13. Intriguing. I like the little flecks of color.
  14. Wow, that looks great!
  15. Very nice.
  16. FABULOUS!! Great work! :a29:
  17. Hi stone and strop. It's nice to finally see what you did with the blank material that you acquired from me (Dave Bell) earlier this year. Sorry I've been busy with other projects around the shop and now I see the beautiful work you've done. Awesome work my friend.


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