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Bic Metal vs. Gillette Guard: - Single blade shootout.

Bic Metal vs. Gillette Guard: - Single blade shootout.

Over the next few days I will be comparing Bic metals to Gillette Guards.
Technically speaking, both are single blade & single edge razors, albeit plastic ones.
Bic Metals are disposables with a fixed head.
Gillette Guards are cartridge razors with freely swiveling heads.
Both are said to be quite close to D.E.'s, & are often suggested to starting wet-shavers.
But which one is better? I hope to be able to get an answer.
As always, there will be a small YMMV component.
I'll alternate razors on successive days, & review them.

Today’s razor was a fresh Bic Metal from a fresh 5's pack.

As I was in a hurry, I did not use a brush or cream, just Gillette gel (tube, not can)
I did WTG & XTG passes. There was quite a bit of blade feel, & I was bitten slightly once.
Slightly better than SAS, but not quite CCS.
Not really satisfied with my shave, but this is my first use of this Bic. The razor felt rough. I may need to get used to it, or it may improve later on.

Perhaps using a brush & cream will give a more satisfactory shave on the Bic's next outing.

Tomorrows shave will be with a fresh Gillette Guard, using the same software - a tube of Gillette Gel, for results that can be compared.
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Gillette Guard today. Fresh cartridge, made 2017.
This is a razor I'm familiar with.
I had time today, but I used the same software as yesterday for comparison.
Shave was very smooth.
Cartridge finds the perfect angle flawlessly.
No blade feel, no roughness.
1 WTG &1 XTG pass.
Effortless CCS.
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George Bailey Fanboy
Very interested in your results! I was recently PIFFED some Bic metals that I use when I shower shave. It took me a few shaves, but I fell in love with them. Will be buying more, for sure. Good luck!
Second shave with Bic metal.
1 WTG & 1 XTG.
I will not be doing ATG for this shootout.
Palmolive Cool cream (Italian)
I decided to treat the Bic more like a DE after being bitten the first time, so I rode the cap.
This shave was much smoother, but not closer.
I don't know if the smoothness was because of the cream or because of riding the cap.
As I use the Bic more, it should become clearer.
Interesting thread @Try em all

I have used both of these in the past. I just could not warm up to the Bic Metal and found it to require substantially more care in use to prevent nicks and irritation.

Looking forward to your results :thumbsup:
Interesting thread @Try em all

I have used both of these in the past. I just could not warm up to the Bic Metal and found it to require substantially more care in use to prevent nicks and irritation.

Looking forward to your results :thumbsup:
Yes, the first time I used it I found it rough & prone to nicks.
The second time, riding the cap helped a bit.
The Guard has been smooth throughout.
Second shave with Gillette Guard today morning.
Italian Palmolive Cool, same as yesterday.
Extremely smooth, effortless WTG & XTG.


I started using the guard for carry-on travel about a month ago. Switch from. Trac II. The guard gives me an easier and smoother shave, with closer results. But thankfully it will never give as close of a shave as a DE, not one as pleasurable, or else my hobby would be in trouble.
Third shave with the Bic.
Gillette lime shaving cream.
Rode the cap, but still got bit in a moment of inattention.
I realised I was using too much pressure in an attempt to get a closer shave, so I reduced it considerably.
Wasn't bit again.

This razor has all the defects of a DE.
It's prone to nicks & the angle has to be watched constantly because of which quite some more time is needed to shave.It takes some getting used to.
The head is narrow. There is almost no cap, so riding the cap doesn't come naturally & is difficult . The head is as narrow as the head of the Schick twin, but the Schick is more comfortable to use & doesn't need to be used riding the cap. The narrow head does have the advantage of getting into difficult to shave areas like the upper lip, though not while riding the cap.

It has some of the advantages of a DE too- as a single bladed razor, its less prone to PFB. But it's difficult to get a close shave in two passes. Three passes are needed. With a DE, I can get a DFS in two passes, & that's just not possible with the Bic.
It's an alternative to multiblades, but most may find DE's a bit more comfortable.
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Gillette Guard today with the same Gillette cream.
Very smooth shave.
The upper comb of the Guard is effective at reducing friction, & takes the place of the gel strip in other cartridges.
CCS in 3 minutes-WTG & XTG.

I should point out here that like most Indians, I have a fairly tough, heavy beard & oily skin, as compared to others. I'm also prone to pfb, so I'm not your typical everyday shaver.
Someone with a fine beard may have a different experience, & may be able to get DFS in two passes with either razor.
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Bic today evening.
Rode the cap for WTG
Tried a shallow angle with barely there pressure for XTG.
Spotty shave, closer than usual in some areas, but accompanied with razor burn.
4th shave with Guard. I shaved last night with the bic, & still had razor burn, so I was pleased to use the Guard today morning, after about 12 hours. I'd have skipped today's shave had it been possible, but I need to be shaved at work.
The Guard did not make the burn worse. Not something I could have said for any other razor.

I've never seen Bic Metals here in Canada, just Bic Sensitives and the other 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 bladed Bics.
I had some trouble finding it. Had to go to a distant shop specialising in shaving products.
Fifth Shave with Bic.
Rode the cap exclusively.
Did not get bitten even once.
I think I'm beginning to get used to it
On the other hand, after WTG. & XTG
I am left with something not quite CCS.
I could possibly get a closer shave at the cost of some razor burn, but I'd prefer not to.
Shavers whose beards allow them to go ATG should also be able to get closer.

I should point out that with my beard, a DFS is the best I can achieve, with any razor or combination of razors.
I've never managed a BBS & I don't ever expect to.
Perhaps straights or shavettes might get me there.
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Yesterday was the 5th shave with Guard. Didn't have time to post as I was out buying a TV. It was a national holiday & all malls had discounts, just like Black Friday in other parts of the world. Wouldn't have needed to buy one had my teenager not twisted the stand of the old one last week so he could see better. Old TV fell off the stand & smashed on the ground. Repairer told me its not repairable & to get a new one, but avoid Sony & Samsung as those are the ones where he has to make the most service calls. Visited a few shops. Came home with a 40" Sharp.

Back to the review.

Used a puck of Truefitt & Hill Luxury soap like a shave stick on a wet face, & an Omega 10218 to lather.
Shave was exceptionally close. I remembered that I was using a 2017 model Guard cartridge, which has the blade slightly recessed, & applied more pressure for XTG.
Better than CCS.

Today's shave was with the Bic.This was its 6th outing.
Same T&H soap & Omega brush. Same shave stick method.
This was the first shave where I did not have a shower & washed my face instead, as I slept in & had no time for a shower. Have got the hang of the Bic. No nicks or cuts , hassle free shave & a good CCS. This was the Bic's best outing yet.
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Had a DFS myself today with the Bic Metal. I really concentrated on riding the cap, I think folks call it, which is difficult as I think you have pointed out as it is so thin. Nice shave though, for sure. Wish I'd been keeping track, but I'm certain that it was at least shave number 10, and doesn't seem to be any duller than the first. Weird.

Saw some Bic razors yesterday that had 2 blades at the drug store. Was tempted to buy them but the War Department was with me, and she has veto power. But I think they were 10 or 12 for 3 bucks. And they reminded me of the old Schick double blade injectors from 40 years ago.

I got to figure out how to get some past my lovely bride and hide them in the bathroom. All in the interest of science, mind you.