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Bic Disposable (orange handle) for flying: great choice if you travel light!

I'm new to DE shaving and have been using a Feather Popular/Voskhod combo for a few weeks and got very good results. Before that I used the Bic Disposable (orange handle).

Went on a business trip today. I travel light, so I only took a carry-on, and because DE razor blades are not allowed in carry-on, I packed my unused Bic Disposables instead.

After using the Bic Disposable (orange handle) both before and after starting DE shaving, I can say that the Bic Disposable (orange handle) gives very appreciable results, similar to the Feather Popular. I feel like the blade exposure and angles are almost identical. Of course, DE shaving is much faster because you get to shave with both sides, but still, it is almost an identical experience.

At home I will stick to DE shaving as it is more efficient, cost effective, and better for the environment, but when traveling I feel like the Bic Disposable (orange handle) is a great choice if you use a mild razor at home. Hope this helps out someone when they travel.

As always, YMMV

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Thank you.
I can report basically the same for the BIC metal razor, which is disposable too
Both BIC razors are very good in my opinion, with the Metal being the best disposable or cartridge razor I have used. The Metal does require a certain level of skill to use but it rewards the effort and is my travel razor when not taking a DE. I prefer either over a swivel headed, multi bladed, lubra strip monstrosity. 😁
When traveling by air I also take the Bic disposables with me. I don't care to lose any of my more valuable razors and blades can't be hauled via carry on anyway.

They are very serviceable little razors.
Yes, the BIC orange disposable is a good little razor. I use it as a travel razor, and also occasionally when I want to get a smooth finish on my neck ATG. It cleans up the whiskers well without irritation.
Ah yes those traditional single blade orange razors. I have used them many years ago and they aren’t bad at all. They are a bit too light for my liking but they do the job.



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BIC make great disposable and cartridge razors. The blades are sharp and work well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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Hm, I just traveled with a Schick 5-bladed thing, and while it was comfortable, it could NOT get under my nose. How could it? The lube strip keeps your blades .25 back from the whiskers. Grr.

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