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Bialetti in trouble - end of the Moka pot

I just bought a larger one a couple of weeks ago.
It is the best coffee maker I own.
Yes me too. I have a 6 cup bialetti and sad to hear this news. Have to admit though, as of late the interior seems to (corrode)? or something very fast. Worse than the knock offs even. Maybe this was due to the financial troubles. Genius design though. I've been using my 6 cup generic pot lately and grinding to a medium-fine.

For those not familiar.. the six cup bialetti brews about 8 ounces. But a heavenly 8 ounces..
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One of the problems I see is that they last forever. Very little to go wrong or need replacing. I've only replaced the gasket on mine twice in 40+ years. I can't tell you how many American coffee makers I've had in the meantime.
This is exactly what I was going to mention, non-mechanical, no moving parts, just a rubber gasket that may break down in a hundred years. These are built like tanks.
I’m just back from Italy. I happened upon a Bialetti brand store in Lucca. It was loaded with all kinds of kitchen merchandise and of course their famed moka pots. I did see a pod type machine in there so it seems like they are trying to modernize.
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