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Beyond the Face - Bath and Shampoo Bar Soaps.

Being several months into my metamorphosis from Mach 3 and canned gel shaving to my reincarnated wet shaving self, I have been enthralled with experimenting with pre-shaves, creams, croaps and soaps. The varieties of those products, and experimental comparisons, have greatly enhanced my newfound joy in shaving.

Scattered hither and yon, on this and other forums, are tidbits of information and opinions (most being somewhat dated) regarding the thousands of new, artisanal body soap bars and shampoo bars. This is a humble attempt to update, consolidate and gather many of those and new experiences.

I now have skin in this game (pardon the pun) as I have created for myself a new rabbit hole, one in which I intend to be clean, well-scented, healthily-skinned/scalped and joyfully challenged by experimentation. I have amassed a "den" of: 9 Brands of bar soaps in 25 scents, 4 brands of all-in-one bars in 5 scents and 5 brands of shampoo bars in 10 scents. I hope that the journey in this process (which will last quite some time) will be equal to the fun of testing wet shaving products.

Have you tried (or not tried) any of these "cousins" to pre-shaves, creams, croaps and shaving soaps? Likes and dislikes? Skin reactions? Scent preferences? Brand or scent loyalties?

All experiences, opinions and reactions are welcome. Thanks for reading!
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