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Bevels on the cheap

As some hobbyists tend to do many things are made unnecessarily complicated or expensive.
Doesn’t have to be to get satisfactory results.

I was asked about files/ rasps to make bevels on scales.
See it big. Keep it simple. Occam’s razor ( ha, razor) basically.

So I made what I suggested . A small block of wood , in this case 3/4” x 1” x 6”.
I put a small radius along the length oh one side . Left the other flat .

Initially tried 120 paper. Cut fast but left deep scratches .
The sample was the waste horn left over from cutting out a scale.
I switched to 220. Now the edges on this scrap piece weren’t trued up so the bevel does show some unevenness because of that. But to make a 45 degree bevel along the side that has some curves took all of 2 minutes. The radiused side of my stick for the inner cut. The flat side for the convex curve
Once I knew the paper I liked a 4” section on the straight side took 45 seconds.
Quick, cheap, effective that most anyone has access to and can make.


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Not knowing exactly how the bevels are put on, has caused me to use a radius when I would have preferred a bevel . Good info, thanks for posting! Going to try this soon!
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