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Bevel Setting Troubles

So I made some significant process with the narrow hones. Geneva Cutlery razor. Started with the Shapton 1.5k, finished setting the bevel on the Soft Ark, then Hard Ark, and finished on Coticule with slight slurry, diluting further.

The shave today went really well. It cut most of the growth on the 1st pass and after the 2nd pass, I was at a DFS. I think the narrow hone made the difference in focusing on specific parts of the edge as it passed through.

I wouldn't say this is my favorite edge but it shaves well. Also, it's my first use on the Coticule so I'd have to do some more work on it. But I'm happy with the improvement and I think I'll repeat this process for the other problem razors. Thanks for all the help folks.
Honing my Black Jack straight in the evening. Spent about 20 minutes on the Soft Arkansas and the cutting power is improving. Spent a little more time and now it cuts without any hesitations. Moving onto Hard Ark for 20 more minutes and it's cutting smoother on the arm. I'm liking how these Arks are changing the edge... I didn't do any rolling strokes with this one because I didn't feel the need to, just simple X strokes. Every part of the edge is still cutting well.

I think I'll just a do a full Ark progression with this one. I'm going to spend more time on the Hard Ark to see if I can get rid of the Soft Ark striations. I don't think it'll happen but I want to give it little more of the midrange kind of effect. Then I'll take it to the Black Ark and polish it up for the final touch.

The Novaculites mean Razor Stones for a reason. They bringing sharpness to the edge that the Shaptons couldn't. If I had a narrow Shapton stones, that might've worked but that's for another time.
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