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Better stands and cases?

These heavy inkwell stands are 16.95 CAD at Italian Barber. The hole is just over 14mm. The reason these are all standing up straight is that I've got an insert in each one. Just use some plastic from a fairly stiff blister pack, cut it so that it is shorter than the height of the stand and just shorter than the interior circumference. Bend it around the handle and insert it into the stand. Remove the handle and the plastic will spring to stay against the walls. It will now stand up straight and be protected from scratching.
The ATT on the right is leaning a bit because I haven't lined it yet.

I did try the ones that are 'stepped' for different sizes, but that didn't work anywhere near as well as these.

The two on the left are not leaning, it's just paralax.


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I don't expect to ever have enough razors to fill a wooden test-tube stand (which otherwise would be my first choice), so a "stand-alone" works for me. I'd want it to match a razor's finish so would go with what the razor manufacturer offers (price be damned, I guess). Having said that, if you already own a Yaqi Moka amber-handle brush, there's a matching resin razor stand that looks cool, though I don't know about fit, etc.
Just want to reply to the waterproof/air tight case idea. Based on my extensive use of Pelican and similar cases in kayaking and boating in general, unless a Pelican case is frequently opened, the gear inside will suffer from even minuscule amounts of retained moisture and the ideal quiet/dark environment for mold growth.

A razor case with some air circulation is far superior.

For long-term storage, good when you prep (wax, oil, desiccant, etc.) your razor for such storage.

For day-to-day or packed for a trip, a couple of days are going to be in the background noise in terms of water corrosion. For myself, I could see that being good as well for a razor used in a multi-member family bathroom where it would get knocked around or put in a drawer.
I don’t display my vintage collection with cases but have my main users in a couple of smaller old dovetail boxes (old artist painter’s boxes) that I refurbished for this pupose. I kept the paint and scratches on the cases as I like the history that they present - fits well with my mainly vintage razors) :blush:

So many great cases. Let me address my favorite travel razor case: Spearhead. It's simple yet protects everything. I haven't found or seen anything as compact or protective, and I've been using mine for over a year. Beautiful simplicity.

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