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Better stands and cases?

So, for a long-term storage case:
  • Fishing tackle box?
  • Pelican-style hard case?
  • What else?
Tackle box is good but akso cigar boxes can be used; add a velvet lining and balsa or ply separators for a a nice storage solution.
I was at Walmart and found these plastic storage boxes for under 3 bucks apiece. Each box will easily fit nine razors, and I'm all in for under $6. Not "the best" but a great solution and better than cardboard.
Ideal and would look even better with a velvet lining.
What are the better stands and cases for DE safety razors? Most of my cardboard boxes are pretty much nearing their end of life so, I wondered about a small fishing tackle case possibly for those used less often. Or, maybe a hard case similar to a "Pelican" with pick-n-pull foam so I can just drop them handle down and then seal out the moisture, dust, etc. from long-term storage.

I would like a good DE safety razor stand that doesn't break the bank for a razor or two and, a better quality crush-resistant case for something in a suitcase or soft travel bag. Or, am I best off getting a small router and trying to 'carve' a case and add a couple of pins or dowels that I can secure closed for general protection?

I should also note that I ordered a Gilette WWII knockoff case as a travel option in my airport carry-on bag so, I think that option is covered for the moment while I consider better longer-term storage options. What I don't have is a good stand that will keep my razor head 'up' so it will stay dry and be ready for the next shave.

So, for a long-term storage case:
  • Fishing tackle box?
  • Pelican-style hard case?
  • What else?
For a better quality razor stand:
  • What?
  • Where?
  • At what cost?
And travel hard cases for soft bags and air travel checked bags:
  • Custom milled-out wood options?
  • Some sort of travel-specific plastic travel case?
  • Something else?
This is my box for 70+ razors


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That 5007 is the one I'm using but may need another. The one I have is the 5007ZM which is about $6 and some change now. It is a clear smoke color and called "max" but otherwise looks identical to the 5007. I repurposed some foam from Timeless razor box and others to line the razor compartments and the razor's can sit on side of heads and sink into the foam and not move around with lid shut. They hold a lot and you can practice your puzzle skills filling them efficiently.
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