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Better boar brushes

That’s subjective of course. But if that is your only boar then maybe try a longer one like omega 10098 or different line like semogue excelsior.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Are there better boar brushes than proraso omega boar brush? If so what ones
I really enjoy big boars from Zenith and Mondial. You're in Oz, correct? Executive Grooming has an aluminium Mondial boar that to my mind is probably the finest boar brush in the world- and free delivery anywhere in Australia! This is how their website lists it (from the USA, anyway).
Certainly ones with more backbone. My proraso turned a little too soft for my tastes. I think I like backbone and not too soft tips and I don't really need the larger knot. I will try an omega 10029 soon and maybe a semogue 620/610, or a zenith short scrubby sometime in the future.
I've recently been trying boars & have found I like shorter lofts, such as the Proraso Pro by Omega, as well as the Omega Jade from Connaught. Others on B & B have steered me to some short lofted Zenith boar brushes that I'm just starting to try. So far, I'm quite impressed. The bristles are finer than Omega, so a shorter loft is a must for me. I also like 26mm & larger in a knot. Zenith has several to choose from that fit the bill for what I like. In the Zenith, I'm going with brushes larger than 26mm & lofts lower than 52mm. That results in some nice backbone with sufficient scrub. At least it does for me. Two vendors for Zenith, Your Shaving & The Gentle Shave.

Here's what I used today, the Zenith Aluminum Big Scrubby.
Are there better boar brushes than proraso omega boar brush? If so what ones
I primarily use badgers. The Proraso Pro used to be my favorite boar. I've used Semogues (several models), other Omega models and sold them all except the Proraso Pro.

I purchased a Zenith B2 and the Proraso Pro just sits now. The Zenith B2 easily replaced it as my favorite boar. The Proraso Pro is not bad, it's a great brush. The Zenith is just better in my book. Softer tips, a little more dense and more backbone, plus an aluminum handle.
Semogue 1800 is the only boar I enjoyed using when I was using boars.

These days it’s a synthetic or badger, but never ever a boar, far too much of a headache for me.


I don't know if I'd classify any boars as better than the Omega. Zenith and Semogue both make very distinct boar brushes with character quite different to Omegas. If you want to experience something with a little different character, I'd try one of those.
+1! Yep, those are the ‘usual suspects’ and all three lines are worth a try! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
I will echo the positive sentiments shared for semogue and zenith. I personally have not cared for any of the omegas I’ve tried.

Semogue seems to be very detailed in the bristle orientation and selection in their brushes. They become quite soft after a fair bit of use and the knots tend to really bloom outward.

Zenith brushes seem broken in almost straight out of the box. Their bristles seem to be finer than other brands. The tips are already split right out of the box, in my experience. I prefer my zeniths to all others. If I can make a suggestion for a great starting point in trying zenith boar brushes, the B2 aka B03-A26 is practically the perfect brush. It is a mid height loft and a dense knot with very soft and fine hairs. I admit that I am equally as enthusiastic about the 41mm lofted super scrubby as well as the 64-70mm lofted brushes. The taller lofted brushes are the best bowl lathering brushes around, IMO.
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