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best way to completely blunt a straight?

Hi there,
This is a strange question. There is a tradition that involves the best man shaving the groom on the morning of his wedding. Its a nice tradition, and makes really nice photos.

However, I dont want someone with absolutely no experience going anywhere near my face with a blade on my wedding day! So i will be preshaved, relathered, and preferably have the re-lather 'shaved' off with a totally blunt edge.

So I was thinking of a few ways to acheive this:

1)turn my well honed and stropped daily razor upside down. ie 'shave' with the back rather than the cutting edge. Unfortunatly this still means that there is a perfectly sharp edge on my face and there is still a risk.

2)somehow cover up the blade with a pice of plastic? Any idea of how I might do this?

3)buy a really cheap crappy straight (something like a cyril salter) and TOTALLY blunt the edge. I mean completely take it to smooth metal! ANy ideas on how would I achieve such an effective blunting?

Thanks guys!
#3 is easier than you think. Get your lowest grit hone and breadknife the razor. Its a restoration technique. Actually, I'd rather you not do it to a perfectly good razor, so...let me find one that needs breadknifing and I'll send it your way. How soon do you need it?

If you need it by tomorrow or something, then take the razor, lay the edge directly on top of the hone, and attempt to saw through the hone. I recommend 600 grit or lower for this application, the lower the better. The blade will become incredibly dull and worthless.
there is some time...the big day is 19th June...so just over a month!

wow it would be fantastic if you could send me one. I also felt that ruining a new razor would be a total waste. I will of course take care of shipping costs!


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I was going to suggest a Zeepk.... No loss there.

:lol: Yep. You couldn't cut yourself with a Pakistani if you tried.

I was going to say........

Let ......... sharpen it.

Fill in the blank with the victim of your choice.
:lol: Yep. You couldn't cut yourself with a Pakistani if you tried.

I was going to say........

Let ......... sharpen it.

Fill in the blank with the victim of your choice.

Oh now that's just cruel.

I still vote to wreck a Zeepk though. Don't wreck anything even remotely salvageable.
Don't maul a good razor!

Buy a cheap and chearful junk razor or an ebay special for the olden-days look and use that one instead.
I thought this was going to be about a different kind of blunting especially when I saw the thread was started by "hippy"... slightly misleading

Anyway I've got the best solution and I can't believe I am the first to suggest this. Teach your best man to shave! You've got a month, you said yourself. That's plenty of time. Get some volunteers for him to practice on so he can get in more than 1 shave a day to practice. Also congratulations. Put up a pic of this if you can. This is a really cool tradition!
Get a $10.00 Paki blade and take some passes on a 1K stone at 90 degrees for good measure.

I'd just like to point out that 'paki' has extremely racist connotations here in the UK.
I've seen a few American members here use the word, but I guess it doesn't have the same meaning to you guys.
While I know you're just using 'paki' as short for 'pakistani', in the same way that you might call me a 'brit', unfortunately here in britain, it has a strongly racist meaning.

I know no one means any harm by using this word, but we are an international forum, and unfortunately some words don't translate very well.....
Its cool guys. Blunted razor has been sent to our good friend in the UK. No worries about destroying a perfectly good razor. :biggrin:

If anyone in the UK wants it after its done with its duties, pm hippy. He's the "custodian" of the razor. :lol: Before you ask, it was blunted to remove a frown. Don't worry, standard restoration work.
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