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Best vintage gillette razor?

I've tried a lot of them....I really haven't tried one I didn't like.My favorite....
Is it the best?I don't know....

Very nice!!
Any TTO open comb followed closely by any adjustable.

The TTO's edge out my other open combs for ease of use, and the adjustables - well, they're 9 razors in one.
double ring
single ring
1910s aristocrat
1934 aristocrat (as of today :001_smile)

if i had to choose ONE (weighing several circumstances): single ring
Best gillette razor? The one that finds itself currently in your hands at the time of your shave.

If you have RAD, the best Gillette razor is the one you have not tried yet, that just came up for sale on B/S/T.
For me - it's the Tech.

(I think I'm the only one...)

No, you're not.

Tonight, I felt as ease with my world, and a fat handle Tech provided the perfect shave - mild enough to let me be aggressive with my technique, it provided an excellent shave that let me feel just a little smug about the state of my skills with a safety razor.

The night before, a Fatboy dialed up to "8" provided a shave that required more discipline and precision, a much more focused exercise that matched my mood as I prepared for a workday.

Saturday, who knows? Maybe I'll be up for the challenge an open comb provides me, I might be in the mood for the reliable shave I get from a 40's SS, or perhaps I'll decide to pursue a memorable BBS shave with a Red Tip. I may even get all unconventional and use an Injector or Krona. :wink:

There is no "best" vintage razor for me, only one that is best for the moment.
Just had a great shave with the Tech (1947). Never tried any other Gillettes. I know at least this one shaves perfect!
I like my Gillette SLIM for a DE shaver, excellent design for all kinds of aggressiveness and skin sensitivity!
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