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Best travel soap and brush?

Hi all,

Looking to move to a soap for travel as my mini shave cream is on the way out. Any recommendations? Something that works well with a smaller travel sized brush... Any brush recommendations also?

Current using AoS sandalwood shaving cream.

ideally needs to be small also :)
I just went on a weeklong trip and brought along a Simpsons Classic 2 and a bowl of MWF. I've never seen the need for extreme smallness. The brush, smallish handle, but with a 24mm knot, fits nicely into a 20 Dram prescription bottle (vented) and the wooden bowl I have is wide but short. No problems fitting either of them into my toiletries bag. Including the razor, all of it took up less space than my old Braun facemower, and I got great shaves while I was out.
I like badgers for travel, as they dry quickly (no experience with synthetics). A chip of a good soap in a ziplok bag can be packed small, lathered easily and without "slop", and last a week.
I travel with a shave stick (or a couple of them) and a Muhle travel synth brush. works for me :001_smile


Definitely would be interesting to see what people use / recommend as I'm looking for something to put in the gym bag.
My travel kit - Muhle synthetic in their twisty plastic tube (if you want to get fancy, there are roll-up leather brush holders), a DE razor with some blades in a case, and a puck of Mike's or Stirling. I still haven't figured out how to use a shave stick. :blink:
Try to grab a Palmolive shave stick. It should cost you less than £1 and is fantastic stuff.

I am happy to travel with a medium-sized brush in a protective tube but depending on your needs, a smaller quick-drying brush may be more suitable.
I prefer traveling with a cream in a tube, mostly Palmolive in my case.

For a travel brush, a synthetic would be great. I use an inexpensive boar brush though, that I store in a home made vented container.
When traveling I take a stick of soap and a Wee Scot brush in a pill bottle that I drilled a few holes in to vent, works for me.
A tin of Mikes would travel well.

Irisch Moos & Tabac sticks also

I travel with a M&F chubby 2 in a plastic Muhle brush holder
I can only tell you what I enjoy, and let you judge for yourself. I use a Simpson Berkeley brush in best for travel (as well as in my rotation while at home). Great brush; big enough but not too big (oh, and I face lather). For soap I normally take either Klar Sport or Pre de Provence. Both come in a travel-handy metal tin with a screw-on cap. Sometimes I include a chunk of Klar Kabinett as a pseudo shave stick. Works very well.
I use a Truefitt and Hill turn back brush, and a plastic container of Edwin Jagger Sea Buckthorn soap. Works for me.
Just get another tube of cream. So much cheaper and easier, even if you travel frequently.

That said, da vinci's uomo is a brilliant travel brush.
I use Conk in a West Coast shaving travel dish and for my brush I use a cheap Escali badger brush in a West Coast shaving travel container also.
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