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Best TOBS cream?

What’s your favorite Taylor of Old Bond Street cream, gents?

I’m thinking of the Sandlewood and the Tobacco...any thoughts?

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So far...
1. Jermyn Street.
2. Eton College.
3. Lime Zest.

2 & 3 are almost too close to call.

I do like the Sandalwood just not in my top 3.
I haven't tried the Tobacco yet but it's near the top of my list of things to try soon.
They're all pretty good honestly. Everyone has their preferences but my favourite by far in terms of scent, performance and post-shave was aloe vera (which they've now discontinued). I've done my own personal review on their standard lineup of creams if you're interested. Be aware though, I haven't reviewed or used any of their newer stuff and some of their products have now been discontinued. Personally, I actually didn't really like sandalwood or platinum, but I don't like wood scents in general.

For soaps, Mr Taylor’s is my favorite of the 3 I tried. Royal Forest was to fruity. Jermyn Street—performance was nice, but I didn’t enjoy the seventh as much.
Mr. Taylor's is a personal favorite of mine...I just love the scent. I'll admit that TOBS Rose isn't the single best rose scent on the planet, but it's very good and it's nostalgic for me so it has a special place in my heart, even though on the whole Salter Wild Rose is probably a better rose cream.
Tobs is mostly about the fragrance preference to me since I find the performance to be quite similar, these are the ones I have and use frequently

Jermyn street
Lime zest
Mr Taylors
Their interpretation of Sandalwood was disappointing IMO. Compared to AOS or T&H, the scent was weak and artificial. Performance, however, was excellent.

Personally, my favorite TOBS is Almond.
Personal faves:
Tobacco Leaf
Lime Zest

There's little or no actual sandalwood oil in Sandalwood.
(OTOH, TAOS Sandalwood is a fair representation of sandalwood.)
I like Jermyn Street and the Organic shaving cream. I did not like the Sandalwood and gave it away to a friend, who loved it. I am pretty sensitive to scents.
I like the coconut because at least it smells of coconut but my issue is with the sandalwood the scent is appalling. The sandalwood is kinda in there but I find it difficult to smell it with all the chemicals in there, it's like finding a chemical dump under a sandalwood tree.
+1 on the Lime Zest Makes for a lively and energizing shave!

And the Mint is delightful as well. I find it very cooling, much more so than Proraso green. As described elsewhere, it’s a nice herbal mint scent.
1. Sandalwood. I know it doesn’t smell like real sandalwood, I have other sandalwood soaps to use if I want the real deal. It’s more of a cologne type scent.
2. Coconut- smells like coconut and performs well.
3. Eton College- nice spring/summer citrusy scent.
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