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Best Thiers Issard straight razors

If someone can recommend from best to worst Thiers Issard razors (pros & cons) I would appreciate. Cheers
I dont think you can get a pro/con list unless its against something?

some folks dislike 6/8s+
Others dislike 5/8s and below

is spine work or natural scales a pro or con

do you like razors that look like they have some honewear from factory?

do you like gold wash or etching/pictures

steel may or may not be straight. can you deal with that?

The modern french and dreadknaught points that they make are nice, i prefer the square.

Carbonsong 130? Too hard or just right?

full hollow or less hollowed

budget shavers? not really but not too expensive.
I recently bought a modern TI and the quality control is a little a French.

Blade closes out of alignment, no internal washers, scales flex when opening and closing, action sticks in places, blade embellishments are printed on rather than etched in, scales are ground a little unevenly, the hollow grind is the least hollow of all my hollow razors, the 5/8” size actually measures 6/8”, the satin finish on the blade is pretty rough I’m tempted to call it no finish and just raw tooling marks.

It’s a good razor and it shaves well but don’t expect perfection. For that you need to go across the border and see Ralf Aust in Solingen. The French are into beauty and artistic license not sterile perfection. It’s a famous brand and I’m happy to have it but I wouldn’t rush out to get another.


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they're okay.....shaved with my only one this morn. beautiful spine work. out of everything I like the blade shank proportions and the heft/feel of it.


grind or hone is uneven when comparing each side.......but didn't notice any irregularities on the stones. I'd buy this one again at the price I got it for.

with this said, Fili's are my preference.

Measured blade angle on this one is 19.2 degrees. My other razors are sitting between 17.5 and 17.8 degrees. The smaller blade angles feel a bit keener to me.

I do like the humpback design a sharp cut of the jimps. The blade is perfectly straight and the hard C135 steel holds an edge well.


TI plastic scales are a disaster. They start to warp while still in the box. Grinds can be just fine or truly wonky. Luck of the draw.
I have a couple TI razors. Both are rescaled. Grinds are fine. I have had others that were not. Both are shown below (#3, #4). In all decent razors. But....
A better choice for a well made and “traditional” French razor is (in my opinion) an offering from Rasoir Sabre (#1, #2). Ertan Suer puts out an excellent product. I am waiting until he has additional inventory available so I can buy my third.
C94D1180-BCD6-4FD9-A4E6-B8848ADC0925.jpeg 90317F93-F871-4F94-893E-EB6E27E678EC.jpeg C39D6F97-0FAD-4AE1-BCE0-1153F9CDE173.jpeg 038CFDFD-26B8-4A17-AB03-BE6F2B13C4E1.jpeg
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