Best temp to boil water for puer tea?

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by Doc4, Apr 29, 2019.

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    Okay, not "boil" per se, but ... what temp should I heat the water to for puer? I have a Cuisinart kettle with the following options:
    • 160 delicate
    • 175 green
    • 185 white
    • 190 oolong
    • 200 french press
    • boil
    I'm thinking sheng rather than shu, but if you suggest different temps for each (as I occasionally do shu too) that is great info.
  2. I brew it like other black teas-- 200 or higher.
  3. According to Mr. Baker for a proper cup of tea...

  4. I tend towards just off a rolling boil, but not always. Some young sheng can be quite harsh with really hot water. If you are assessing the tea boiling water will likely give more insight as to how it is coming along or where it will end up later down the road but it can be hard on the tummy and tastebuds.

    If drinking old sheng I'd be cranking up the heat to squeeze every drop of flavour out the old leaves for days. If it's a vibrant young sheng and I'm drinking just for pleasure, or especially with friends, then I will brew much cooler.

    Boiling hot seems fine for most shu but I find the biggest benefit is often in the rinsing, especially in the younger stuff. Not unheard of for a decent brew to start emerging after 3/4/5 rinses.
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    I recommend a hot water dispenser. It's 192degrees iirc. Makes multiple infusions as easy as could be. I'd do 190 if I were using your kettle... assuming it's accurate. Basically shoot for 190-198 imho.
  6. 185° F. Is a good start i’m Finding the cheap pureh I currently have likes 185 and a longer steep

    160 for green

    Best suggestion would be to experiment for proper temp. For Your taste buds.... they will let you know. My tastes buds like most teas cooler than guidelines.

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