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Best Summer Shave Combos

I've started noticing that I prefer or appreciate certain soaps/aftershaves more during certain times of the year. For instance, I enjoy something with menthol, quite a bit more during the summer. And I dig Sandalwood more during the winter.

Since we're heading into June and I was looking to buy a few soap/aftershave combos, I was curious what everyone else enjoyed during the summer.

-Happy Shaving
In summer, I tend toward a bit of menthol and citrus: Floid vigoroso and Lucky Tiger, for example.
Lots of menthols, barrister and Mann oceana, even old spice cream and AS. I also use lots of chill and cool body washes by Nivea and right guard. Always use lucky tiger vanishing cream and also find clubman shave soap and lilac vegetal for anything summer night related.
My current favorite for warm days is Stirling Glacial Lemon Chill soap/balm/splash followed up with either Art of Shaving Lemon Oil EdT or Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet
Menthol & citrus combos are my summer faves. Cryogen + Paradise Frost is my go to mix for the hot months. I follow it up with a splash of Cryogen + Hydra AS. Sadly PF has been discontinued. I have enough to get through the summer but I'll need to find something else for next year. I may see how the new version of Hydra soap is, the original was lackluster in everything but scent imo.
I had to limit myself... but I just picked up Florida water. I have heard so much about this for so long, that I just had to try it.

And the Barrister and Mann Oceana, so many good reviews and I haven't tried any of their stuff yet.

Who am I kidding, I'll probably by another one in a day or 2. That Lemon has me really curious.
Today will be the warmest day of the year here in Seattle (at least when I've been in town). To celebrate, today I used CRSW Arctica (which is my strongest menthol soap) and B&M Barristers Reserve Cool (a Floid Blue knockoff that, in my book, is better than the original). Very nice combo. If and when it actually gets hot around here, I'll use Arctica and one of my PAA menthol-monster *** such as Al Fin, Tombstone or Chella Cool.
TOBS Avocado is my warm weather choice. All the warmth of a lazy summer, the smell of freshly mown grass, and a hint of citrus that reminds me of a nice lemon iced tea, minus all the labor involved.
In summer I tend to shave in lukewarm water, in the July/August heatwave I shave in cold water
Here are some of my favourite summer combos.....


Proraso Green or White soap

Proraso Green or White cream

Proraso Green or White soap mixed with Goldex or Lider Classic creams = menthol/lime superlather

Finished off with any of these........

Williams Expert Aqua Velva
Puig Agua Brava
Pino Silvestre
Old Spice Fresh Lime
Mennen Skin Bracer
Floïd Vigaroso
Brut Splash On

I've also got a bottle of Troynoy Russian cologne that I "doctored" with menthol crystals, but a few crystals added to any aftershave/cologne will provide a nice cooling tingle
Proraso green soap, followed by a healthy splash of the AS splash is nice. If you want to kick it up a notch, blend the Proraso green splash 50/50 with Osage Rub. Chilly!

For a good citrus-scented combo, I'm liking ToOBS grapefruit cream followed by Lucky Tiger. No lingering scent, unfortunately, but this feels great and isn't a "heavy", lingering, combo. It's my understanding that Adidas Pulse has a grapefruit note to it, I think I will purchase a bottle to try it out and pair with the ToOBS soap.

B&M Oceana soap followed with Barbasol Brisk is a nice casual summer set-up. (I haven't tried the B&M Oceana AS, I would assume it's great with the soap.) Very refreshing.

B&M Lavanda is a "bright" lavender (rather than a heavy cologne-ish type) scented soap, that I follow with almost anything, but as it's warming up outside I'll splash on some Brut AS or Citrus Musk for a nice "clean" scent that isn't too heavy on the skin.
Around here, winter means dry air, dry skin, and wind-burn; and, summer means muggy humidity, so I put away the moisturizing soaps like Haslinger Sheepsmilk and get out a simpler standard like Williams Mug Soap! :) And, for aftershave, I go light and simple with witch hazel and citrus: Lucky Tiger Aftershave Tonic.
Citrus based scents for soaps, AS & colognes. Arko, Mike's Orange, Cedar & Black Pepper, Proraso Green for soaps. Pinaud Lime Sec, Citrus Musk, Clubman, Proraso Green, Floid Suave, Skin Bracer & Aqua Velva for AS.
For summer I'm thinking anything citrus and/or floral. I have TOBS Lemon & Lime which is a nice summer scent. TOBS Eton College is pretty citrusy. I recently bought Castle Forbes Lavender and love the scent as well as its amazing performance. I also use C.O. Bigelow for its cooling feel. I bought a small tube of St. James of London Black Pepper & Lime but have not yet tried it. Probably will try it today since I am curious how it will smell and perform. For aftershaves I like Clubman Lime Sec and Aqua Velva Ice Blue.

I tend to think of Sandalwood and Bay Rum smells as a winter scent. YMMV.
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