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Best starter blade for VB Chieftain JR and basic Feather razors

I am switching from cartridges to DE shaving — better late than never. I bought the VB Chieftain JR and the basic Feather, arriving today, plus a sampler pack of 16 different blades. I could use advice on which blade(s) would be best for a DE rookie with each of those razors. My beard is lighter, not course. My skin is normal, not sensitive. Here are my current options (5+ each), though I’m open to something else:
  1. Astra Superior Platinum
  2. Astra Superior Stainless
  3. Bolzano Superinox Inossidabile
  4. Derby Extra
  5. Derby Premium
  6. Dorco HQ ST-301 Stainless
  7. Feather New Hi-Stainless
  8. Gillette Platinum
  9. Lord Platinum
  10. Personna Platinum
  11. Shark Super Chrome
  12. Shark Super Stainless
  13. Sharp 7 am Super Platinum
  14. Treet Platinum
  15. Voskhod Teflon Coated
  16. Wilkinson Sword
Please lay your best advice and wise council on me as a newbie, for the Chieftain JR and the basic Feather razors.
Another new old guy here. I've been doing this about four months. You have a great selection to choose from. I started with Derby Extra and Shark Super Stainless because they are reputed to be the least sharp and the most forgiving. it worked for me but blades are very subjective.
I started with the Feather Popular razor this morning. First DE shave ever, that I can remember. I lathered with Pacific Shaving Co. Ultra Stick (nice) and a QShave pure badger brush (cheap). I dropped in a Derby Extra blade and made one pass WTG — no nicks, cuts, or scrapes! Yes, the Derby Extra must have been very forgiving, because it wasn’t due to my technique. I stopped after one pass (didn’t want to push my luck and spoil the initial shave experience), washed off my face and neck, and used a Gentleman Jon alum block all over. The only sting was mild, on my lower neck area. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try the Shark SS next.
Welcome to B&B.
You have a good selection there but I would add some more St Petersburg blades like GSB, Polsilver and the various Gillette 7 O'Clocks'.
Hard to tell blades that work for me might not work for you guess you need to try out some different ones it took me a while to find out, but for what its worth these are in my rotation now

Polsilver SI
Perma sharp
Gillette Nacet
King C Gillette blades
I have used the Gillette 7 O-clock Green and Yellow blades with my Viking Chieftain. Great results so far!


You have a fine blade selection!!

I suggest you save the sharpest (Feather and Balzanos) for last. Just remember that your tastes may change as your technique improves. So, you may wish to revisit these options as you gain experience.

The main thing is to ENJOY the journey!! :a29:
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