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Best Soaps For Menthol Fans

Just wanted to start a talk about Mentholated Shaving Soaps and see which ones you guys use. For me I use How To Grow A Moustache Frost Byte. To me that is the best feeling when it is cold, feels like I am back in Colorado on top of a mountain. I have Yeti Snot actually on the way from Ernie, so I am anxious for that. I know there is other Menthol people that enjoy that cold feeling.
I've tried both, HTGAM is much better soap but the Yeti Snot is a bit colder. Stirling Glacial Obsidian is pretty cold but I can't stand the scent, I wish they'd make a super cold citrus scent.
I use Proraso green (mild but nice) and yeti snot, was 94 here today and the yeti came through this morning, gonna use it again tomorrow am
I have an order from Stirling soap that should be here any day now. It includes:

black ice
Our wildly-popular Anise soap is now available with over 2% menthol crystals to add some shiver to what is already one of the best shaves on the market at any price. Slap this on your face and prepare to slide. (Essential Oil & Menthol)

Ingredients: Beef Tallow, Castor Oil, Distilled Water, Stearic Acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Potassium & Sodium Hydroxide, Almond Oil, Lanolin, Coconut Milk, Menthol, Essential Oil, Clay, Sodium Lactate

I will let you know how it is.
The coldest soap I've used is Yeti Snot and I like that. I have some QCS Vostok but haven't tried it. On the way is some Stirling Obsidian that was described as Black Ice on steroids! I like anise so I think I'll be pleased with that plus he places it in the "High-Menthol" category.
My favorite, so far, is QCS Vostok. There may be colder but I love everything about this soap from its scent to the lather and the shave. It's level of freeze is just right to me. It borders on too much but doesn't go over the line. Follow up it with a splash of osage and a rub of the Vostok balm.
How To Grow A Moustache Frost Byte.
gets my vote. I orderd some along with some other bits. Infact I loke to shave (shwoer shaver here), and then apply a thin smear over my face and then get out of the shower, dry my self and them pat the soap off and apply post shave cream (3P) and these days canoe AS. very cool all the way.


get some menthol and you can add your own to just about any soap or cream.
i've used this pre-made mentholated glycerin, from etsy, only need to shake and add three drops per shave.

$simian menthol.jpg
I'm trying out several different mentholated soaps right now it's HTGAM Frost Byte, and all the rest by Sterling; Spearmint, Wintergreen (both smell like Wrigley's gum) and Obsidian. I also have Proraso Green in my line up, although not as mentholated as the others, I still like it. If I had to pick one at this time, it would have to go to HTGAM Frost Byte. I like how the Sterlings perform, love the scents, but they have a slight burning sensation on my face to where as the Frost Byte doesn't.
Do you mean like "Stirling Glacial - Lemon Chill"?
Good point. There are 4 Stirling soaps categorized as "High-Menthol" and that is one of them. The others are Obsidian, Spearmint and Wintergreen. I recently ordered the Obsidian and it should be here in a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to trying that.
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