Best Snake , Uh , I mean Beard Oil ?

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    Not an oil but I like Woody's Beard 2 in 1 Conditioner to keep my beard and skin looking and feeling good .
  1. I prefer a beard balm to an oil. I am currently using Rocky Mountain Barber Company cedarwood beard balm and have been pretty happy with it.

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  2. troy

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    I prefer oils to balms. I find most seem to work well enough for me with the biggest difference being the scent. My favorite company for wide variety of great scents is WSP, with Tobacco being my favorite. Doesn't smell like a pipe or burned at all more of a floral, herbal yet kind of cologney scent.

    I also really enjoy Capt Fawcett's, but it can be a very polarizing scent, it has a very strong scent of rosemary, black pepper, and patchouli. I like it, but I believe it's the only scent I've received negative feedback from, also not really worth the price of admission in my opinion.

    My best value would be Honest Amish. Fairly mild scent mostly spices and anise, kind of smells lie those old fashioned hard candies you see at Christmas time.

    For something more mildly scented I find Mountaineer to be decent, kind of a medicinal scent though I think it's mostly the eucalyptus, kind of like chap stick with a hint of Noxzema. Very faint and not long lasting though, easily covered by another fragrance.
  3. For oils, Cremo is actually quite good. IMO, there is little difference from one beard oil to another, so I typically buy the cheapest stuff I can find.
    Im more of a beard balm man myself and am a big fan of Honest Amish.
  4. ... for an oil , I like coconut oil from Hawaii .
  5. I like mixing my own, and fine tuning for skin type, skin problems, how much skin food or hair food, etc. Argan, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, vitamin e are good component to look for.
  6. Ive heard of people doing that. Ive even heard of some who take olive oil and then add whatever essential oil they want for scent. Im not sure that Im ready to go to that length, especially when Cremo is $7 a bottle.
  7. Olive oil's too thick. Grapeseed oil absorbs quickly.
  8. I use the beard oil from a guy at the local farmers market.
  9. HCS


    I usually use Bulldog balm or By Thy Beard oil which smells great and it's only a pound and has all the good ingredients you'd expect.

    I also bought some orange and bergamot essential oils to mix with a little almond and argan oil. All works great.

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  10. Nicholas beard works on Amazon is great oil. Also mad viking is great oil. If you want a thicker oil bossman beard jelly oil is good. My skin is just too senitive for it. Every time I use the jelly oil I get oil pimples.
  11. I switched to a balm last year, though with the arrival of Satsuma to Stirling's beard oil in the near future I may be switching back to oil very soon.
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    I really like Pre de Provence No. 63 beard oil, but I am trying out a few of Stirling’s beard oils; Agar, Executive Man, and Deep Blue Sea.
    They are different from one another. The PdP is a bit thinner and creates a great shine. I need to use it again after using the Stirling pretty exclusively for the last week.
    In the end, I’d give both good marks.

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