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Best smelling soap?

Fantastic Scents & Performance:
It's all subjective, but some of my favorites that have both criteria are:

-Fine - American Blend; Platinum; etc....
-Henri et Victoria- Duc de Santal (triple milled tallow)
-Sudsy Soapery- Sandalwood & Myrrh
-Wholly Kaw- Man from Mayfair; King of Oud
-B&M Reserve- Cool, Lavender, Classic; Spice;
-WSP- Olympus (Formula T)
-Mike's Natural- Barbershop
-Noble Otter- Barrbarr
-Oleo- Irving Park
-Declaration Grooming- Bandwagon; Champs de Lavande
-Midnight & Two- The Cabin
-Stirling- Ozark Mountain; Executive Man; Piacenza
-Haslinger- Schafmilch

Nice choices. I can agree with many of them and was surprised to see SS Sandalwood & Myrrh, one of all time favorites. Such a sleeper and lovely.
Kilo's of Vito's Red w Coco or Cella both have that Almond/Cherry scent amd another favorite that many dislike is Arko (bowl pressed) with that clean soapy citrus scent.


The Lather Maestro
I typically buy soaps for the performance, although I have to enjoy the scent, too. But performance is normally my first criteria. I won't use a top-performer if I don't enjoy the scent, of course.

However--and this soap performs very well indeed--the one I keep reloading strictly for the scent is RazoRock Don Marco, with the Bergamot Neroli scent. Think this:


It is the only soap/cream I continually buy because scent is the first criteria. Love this stuff. I'm on my 3rd tub, I believe, after being out of it for over a year. Mmmmmmmm, glad to have it back on the shelf.

The label has changed over the years, here is the current version.

MdC Rose has been my favorite as of late.

Undisputable performance, coupled with a mild scent that you can pair with ANY aftershave.

It's a true winner.
Here's some of my favourites

SV Felce & 70th
MDC Fougere & original
A&E The undersea
Caties bubbles le marché du rasage
Ach brito mogno
Barrister & mann reserve waves
AOS sandelwood
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