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Best smelling soap?

I shaved with PDP 63 this morning. Wonderful scent. The lather is good, but not great. The face feel afterward was very good, but not up to some of the top artisans.
Most of the posts recommend a wide variety of soaps without ever asking the OP two basic questions. 1. What type of scents do you like? and 2. Is your face sensitive to various chemicals and scents, or is your face sensitive to razor burn? Without knowing those answers, it is difficult to make reasonable suggestions.

If the face has chemical sensitivities, then soaps that have significant amounts of menthol, lime, cedarwood, sandalwood, cinnamon, clove, etc. might be problematic. I avoid menthol, lime and clove for this reason. If the face is sensitive to razor burn, the finding a soap that is very slick, very protective, and is designed to moisturize the skin after the shave becomes all the more important.

Although I love the scent of tobacco flower and freshly cured tobacco, I hate the smell of tobacco smoke, so some soaps that other love just do not work for me as they smell like a stale ash tray to my nose. I also am not so fond of grassy scents, but other love them. Thus, what type of scent is the OP seeking?

@RayClem, excellent summary of pinpointing sensitivities and choosing suitable soaps to avoid those. I spent a rather large sum of money to experiment with various soaps and creams, suffered irritation and discomfort on numerous shaves for not knowing what I was sensitive to and now I know what works and what does not.
The only soap with a strong scent that I've tried is Phoenix Shaving's Atmotic. My first reaction to the sample they sent: "Women's pancake makeup. Meh." But then I tried it, and found the scent lingering pleasntly with me for quite a while after shaving with it. So I ordered a real tub. I use it 2x a week.
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Its funny how you can hate a scent at first then a week later you love it and find yourself going online to buy the matching aftershave and balm.
My three favorite soaps in terms of scent are:

1. Declaration Grooming Sweet Lemon
2. Eufros Zanzibar
3. Sudsy Soapery Cola.

1 & 2 are also (currently) my two favorite soaps overall, top tier in terms of performance as well as scent.
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which type of scent are you looking for?
As a brand, in general, best smelling for me is Australian private reserve, I love all scents I have (and I have quite a few)
im thinking of buying two more soaps and would love to hear your recommendations for shave soaps in terms of scent and performance. Also i have sensitive skin.
Saponificio Varesino 70th Anniversary. Its got it all -- nice scent, slick, great lather and good looks.


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PannaCrema Nuavia Blue is in my opinion the very best soap made scent wise. It's a tier 1 soap as well in terms of performance.

Grooming Dept Incense & Rose is another that I'm really fond of in scent. Performance wise Grooming Dept is the best performing soap I've found to date and I've tried just about everything out there.
Don't you make your own soap brother?


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Well, I've got a DE-fective sniffer, so this opinion might not be shared with any other person, but I like Arko, and I cannot lie.

But I haven't been able to use it in MONTHS because of all the generousity here on B and B.

Anything I've been PIF'd to me by youse guys has really smelled nice. Probably better than Arko, but I just love that smell. I'm so attractive to the fairer sex that my wife prefers I shower with it when we go out so I don't have to beat them off with my cane. True story.
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