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Best Single Edge Blades?

I've heard it mentioned before, so I'm sure someone else will chime in about them. Including shipping, the prices seem to generally be a bit more than Ted Pella.

The Feathers they sell are carbon steel, not stainless. The IPs are $14/100. For 15 cents more you can get 100 IPs shipped from West Coast Shaving.
I have been useing Feather SE's (carbon steel) for the last month and love them. I have not been able to track down the Stainless but according to there Website they do exist.
I bought a few packs of the Feather carbon steel blades when I was stationed in Japan in the late 80s (USS Midway) and I didn't like them. I thought that they dragged and pulled too much. I did buy Feather Stainless blades then and liked them.

I bought a Feather 3-piece razor there and found that the combination of Feather Stainless blades and the Feather razor was quite agressive; more so than a Feather blade in a Gillette Tech razor.