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Best Single Edge Blades?

Deep in the bowels of the Badger & Blade archives I came across this site for blades:


I've not tried it, but at least you can order 100 instead of 200. I would be very interested in seeing a review of these blades. Are they, perhaps, Ted Pella blades? Anybody know anything about this site?
Dude, you found Feather's and IP's in bulk too!
I've heard it mentioned before, so I'm sure someone else will chime in about them. Including shipping, the prices seem to generally be a bit more than Ted Pella.

The Feathers they sell are carbon steel, not stainless. The IPs are $14/100. For 15 cents more you can get 100 IPs shipped from West Coast Shaving.
I have been useing Feather SE's (carbon steel) for the last month and love them. I have not been able to track down the Stainless but according to there Website they do exist.
I bought a few packs of the Feather carbon steel blades when I was stationed in Japan in the late 80s (USS Midway) and I didn't like them. I thought that they dragged and pulled too much. I did buy Feather Stainless blades then and liked them.

I bought a Feather 3-piece razor there and found that the combination of Feather Stainless blades and the Feather razor was quite agressive; more so than a Feather blade in a Gillette Tech razor.