Best shaving soap brands ???

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Pyr Power, Jan 2, 2019.

    Seeing some really positive chatter lately on CBL Premium. Anyone got some insight?
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    My top soap is Wickham 1912. Closely followed by Cyril R Salter cream then Wholly Kaw and Pre de Provence. Wickham and CRS are clear standouts.

    Have a look at Connaught Shaving, they have an inexpensive shipping option to Canada, carry both Wickham and CRS and are a popular vendor. Maggard also has an inexpensive international shipping option for us in Canada. I buy regularly from both and havent had a single problem.
  2. Another big +1 for
    Carmine is top notch to deal with. Excellent customer service and you can find pretty much all the beloved soap artisans there.

    Also, I honestly wouldn't recommend Italian Barber. They may be Canadian but they deal in US dollars (even the Canada Post fees are in US dollars!). Only shop there if you want their in-house brand Razorock (i.e. pretty good soap and, I must admit, great razors).
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    Taylor of Old Bond Street
    Midnight & Two
    Henri y Victoria

    Look at Fendrihan's or Italian Barber, they are Canadian suppliers and offer good prices.
    Free shipping after $50.
  4. If price is not an issue, then Nuavia. By a mile.
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    Yep. Then if you live in Ontario add another 13% on top for taxes because they're Canadian based.
  6. Best soap so far: Abbate y la Mantia Krokos! You can shave and shave and shave and shave and never have a feeling of too much blade contact. No irritations, perfect slickness and man, the scent... unbelievable... that intense saffron scent is not too strong but soooo wonderful!
    It’s nearly as pricey as Nuavia, but it’s worth every cent! +there is the Aftershave, which is just perfect!!

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  7. I'd throw Fine Accoutrements soaps in with all these suggestions. Love American Blend.
  8. If there is a Body Shop in Canada, try Maca Root. They often have sales sometimes up to 40% off

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  9. Tabac is excellent and available on ebay

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I'll look into that soap. I havent heard of it before.

    Home - Abbate y La Mantia

    @Raven Koenes. Look, it's 100% Italian!

  11. Thx Brother!
    Yep, 100% Italian, made from saffron farmers.
    It is just beautiful, I know Matteo( which is Frankincense, Myrrh and Saffron) and ofc Krokos, which seems to have another soap formula, as it is much thicker and slicker! Just beautiful! Another good Soap is Meißner Tremonia from Dortmund, Germany. They have got prices too, but the performance is great. But the AylM is muuuuch better I must admit!

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    Best is a huge word.

    There are a few soaps I regard as top tier, including WKDM (KoO), Wickham 1912, SV, MdC. There are other soaps, many other soaps, a half or quarter notch below these.

    There are a number of soaps I've tried in samples which are as good as the top tier soaps but seemed to me considerably more expensive than their competition without offering anything the competition didn't. One that comes to mind is ABC.

    I've not tried every soap made, but I have tried a great many. Still, I hear about new and attractive soaps which I "should try soon." CBL has made that list thanks to Frank @Dragonsbeard.


    My favorite soaps and the two I think are the best shaving soaps are Grooming Dept's Lusso based soaps and Grooming Dept's Donkey based soaps.

    We are in the Golden Age of Shaving Soaps!

    Happy shaves,

  14. You're in luck, one of what I think is the best is right there. Tallow & Steel.

    I'd add Wholly Kaw donkey milk and Declaration Grooming among my top favorites.
  15. I have their Buttero (Italian leather scent), and it is WONDERFUL. I can’t say enough good stuff about this soap.

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