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Best shaving methode




First of all I'm from the Netherlands, so I hope you don't mind my bad English.

After one year of experimenting I have found a methode of shaving with a safety razor that gives me a BBS shave every time.

I have tried almost everything, even Kyle's preperation, but that didn't work for me. Maybe it's because I have a very tough beard.

So these are my findings for the best shave.

(Don't skip any part of these steps please. It will take about 15 minutes)

Use a safety razor with a shaving cream and shaving brush.

Step 1) 10 splashes of hot water on your face.

Step 2) give your face for 30 seconds a massage with a towel.

Step 3) hold your shaving brush under Very HOT water and pat it a couple of times to your complete shaving area of your face. (30 seconds should be enough)

Step 4) lather up your face (3 minutes are required to fully opening the pores)

Step 5) Fill up the sink with COLD water.

Step 6) Shave from North to South.

Step 7) 10 splashes of COLD water on your face.

Step 8) lather up again and shave from South to North.

Step 9) no need to rince your face, just lather up again.

Step 10) shave from East to West.

Step 11) no need to rince your face, just lather up again.

Step 12) and the last pass should be from West to East.

Step 13) rinse you face and use a aluin block on your face.

Step 14) a few more of cold water splashes on your face.

Step 15) Now if you want you can shower and after that use a moisteriser.

(I think the key to the perfect shave is Temperature difference, so a combination of hot and cold water.)

Good luck
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