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Best shave ever!

Since starting with straights, about 3 months or 75 shaves ago, I have always been comparing the results to what I could get with the DE. I only just started to exceed the DE shave quality a few weeks ago, but not quite all over the face, still had problem areas (the chin).

Anyway, this morning was the first time that I resoundingly beat what I can do with a DE.

Therefore - best shave EVER :)

Not BBS all over, with my coarse stubble i never expect it, but definitely a minimum of DFS.

The funny thing is it was the first time i had to rush a straight shave - did 2 passes in 15-20 mins from lather to witch hazel. I thought about using the DE, but I really wanted to use the straight. I'm glad i did !

There is no turning back now :001_smile

Thanks for all the collective wisdom.

good job! That is encouraging. :thumbup1:

I started using a str8 recently as well. It was rough going in the begining. In fact after the first week I thought there is now way I am going to do this. But I have been sticking with it. I am getting slightly below as good of a shave as I would with a DE. Yesterday I also got my best shave with the str8 and a lot of it has to do with the good advice and encouragement given by these posts like this one. So anybody who is starting out keep at it and don't give up. It is very rewarding. One of the many good tips I found in these forums to be helpful is to use the blade with respect and be aware of it at all times but at the same time don't be timid and afraid in handling it. Use confident strokes otherwise you won't get anywhere. thanks to B&B as well.
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