Best season for Chanel Pour Monsieur

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by doctordial, Jul 10, 2019.

    When would you gents suggest the best time of year to wear this cologne? This is the edp. Would it work with casual wear?
  1. When I had a bottle, I wore it mainly in spring and fall. Something about it was a bit off for me in summer. I wore it in cold weather sometime, like church or get togethers. I wear something more sporty when casually dressed, like Chrome or D&G Light Blue. Try it when bumming around, you will either find it pleasing or maybe too dignified. Either way, Pour Monsieur is good stuff. I think every man who has to dress up or look put together for business settings needs to have some.
  2. The nutmeg might be a reach in the dog days of summer but in A/C it could be pulled off. More so for the older versions that had substantial amounts of oakmoss (I'm thinking EdT Concentree and older EdT). As for casual wear I wear it work a hydraulics shop so yes! :) When vacationing my GF loved it defining as "timeless and classy". This was spring in Riverside, CA and it was already quite warm during the day!
  3. That’s one of my favorites. Personally I think anytime is fine, but use carefully in the summer. Less layers of clothing to cover up the scent means more sillage.

    A few years ago they had the EDT available at Chanel and I passed on it thinking I would get it later...Now it’s gone.
  4. The EDP? I personally prefer it in winter and spring. I prefer a lot of fragrances with vanilla notes in the cooler months. I remember spraying the EDP on a warm summer day last year and I was getting quite fed up with it during the day, which is a rarity for me with fragrances.

    By comparison I love wearing the EDT all year round.

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