Best SE for my newly bald squash

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Shantytownbrown, Jun 2, 2019.

    I have been shaving my head for the past 3 years. I have 5 high quality DE razors, but since I bought my paradigm titanium SE, I haven’t used anything else.

    It’s smooth and I donmt get nicks or burns.

    I’m not an AC specialist, but I donmt think i’ll Be buying another razor ..... unless I just want something new and shiny

    Just my 2 pennies worth
  1. Scott this will not help your razor inventory but I went through the same frustration trying several options to get a good dome shave. DE's just did not work well. I have tried GEM's, the new Supply injector and finally magic happened. I found the Blackland Vector and it is perfect for shaving your head. One pass ATG and I am done. I can use proline, kai, or a feather and not lose any blood (not feather super pro). It's smooth fast, and blade angle does not matter.
  2. happens every time I start a thread!! guess I have a few razors to look at....thanks guys!!

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  3. If you decide to buy new, check out the 30 return options if not satisfied.
  4. I just checked out the prices of these pups...can't happen right now, even recent BST prices wont fly...maybe for $30 I can try the RR Hawk to try an AC style...price differences would tell me they are not on par in terms of shave quality or is it YMMV?
  5. Personally, I would not spend that $30 on the RR Hawk - IMO, not close to the vector, and certainly not to the paradigm - much too light and more difficult (for me) to maneuver than the other 2 - Just my 2 cents....
  6. I figured there would have to be something of a difference to explain the cost. That paradigm is a beautiful piece for sure and the vector not too shabby in and of itself. If I happen across an extra $400...maybe, just maybe.

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  7. if it helps, and not to say the paradigm isn't worth $400, a Vector in the BST is closer to $150 - and you already have $30 that you didn't spend on the Hawk :)
  8. Think I will like it better than the Asylum Rx I tried then re-sold? (wasn't head shaving at the time but didn't work for my face, and I didn't like the way it handled in my hand...)
  9. I've now reached my knowledge limit - I've never tried the Rx....
  10. Unfortunately we can't say, "Go from Razor A to Razor B to Razor..." until you reach a level of shave where you're happy. Part of the tuition in this school is the cost of buying razors, reflecting on what's good and bad, and trying something else.

    I started with a DE, went up through sharper and sharper blades; then went to a slant and went through the blades again; then a Gem 1912, then an Ever Ready 1914, then a Gem Damaskeene, then the PAA Starling V2 SB, then the Starling V2 OC, then the ATT G1, then the MMOC, then the ATT SE1. I have one more to try; the ATT SE2.

    For you that may be another journey entirely. Every step gives you more insight and more information -- and more questions. I've gotten to a pretty good place. I notice in my shave diary that instead of long screeds analyzing what went right and wrong I have been noting "DFS," "OKFW," "BBS" and not much else since I started the SE1.

    My open comb Gems are great shavers and I really like them. The SE1 is just a tiny bit better -- and that's with Feather Pro blades (and SB). I just received a packet of the Schick Prolines and I'll try one next week. Once I wear that one down for six shaves I'll put it in the SE2, summon up a warrior level of razor-do, and see if it's a bridge too far. [grin]

  11. All excellent sound and wise advice.

    Gonna stick w the Schick adjustable on the head for now.

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  12. Always a ton of input from members however it comes down the individual shaver. Some advice will say slow down, light or no pressure, shower first, try this soap that cream, this blade that blade. While all of it works for someone but not everyone. For some a $400 razor vs. a $35 razor given the perfect technique, soap, cream blade, etc. may not be worth the incremental difference in the result. I do not have a lot of patience and tend to do things now. So if the razor or blade requires me to slow down or think through the shaving process forget about it. I do enjoy my shaves and I like to experiment, try to improve my technique and criticize my razor, soap, and blade choices. It is easy to get caught up in all of the choices and end up with too much gear. For some its just about the shave for others its the shave and its a hobby. I told my wife its a hobby....I need another brush. lol Not to mention B&B is a fun place to hang out when you have time. You make friends here.
  13. agree 100%, this is how i have always approached my time here on B&B, and I too, I guess consider it a hobby, I find aesthetic pleasure in the "industrial arts" and can find the beauty in an object meant to be utilized, and love the vintage designs; I collect these things to use them, and post questions like this to see other's experiences so I can get ideas on which ways I may want to take things...

    i need to unload a few pieces, then off to shopping unless a deal comes along first!
  14. Update. Was traveling this weekend and had my vintage Trac II with me w vintage carts w the goop strip. I actually got a really easy shave on my head with that...

    Also I picked up an Occam OREN from Steve_in_CT on BST and should arrive early this week. Looking forward to trying this on both the face and squash.

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  15. MurderousCrow

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    I wanted to update this, as when I shaved with my Hawk the other day I noticed this statement would absolutely not apply to it with a Proguard blade fitted; it's simply not as close as the AC SS (even using using the same blade).

    So a couple of days later I loaded the Hawk with a new Pro blade, and with that the performance is comparable: going ATG with either for me yields a lovely BBS shave which lasts a good 12h.
  16. MurderousCrow

    MurderousCrow Contributor

    Would be really interested to see what you think of this razor.
  17. Will get you an update as soon as I can!

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  18. So first shave in on this this morning. I have to agree with the other’s assessments. Surprisingly little feedback and very inefficient. Several passes to get a decent but not even DFS especially on my neck. I have a coarse beard and wonder if I should give the 3-dot proguard combo a try before I turn this back over to the BST? I may just need to play with the blade angle(??).

    I did not find it too awkward to hold. Will take some muscle memory to get the hold just right. Surprisingly, it is not slippery despite its smooth finish. This is a positive.

    It is worth trying. It clearly has value for some beards. So far just not for mine. Not even going to attempt a head shave.

    This is three strikes for AC razors for me. Maybe this just isn’t what my face wants.

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  19. MurderousCrow

    MurderousCrow Contributor

    What a shame! I hope it's merely blade angle causing your issues, and that shaves improve soon. This is a razor I've coveted for months now, so I hope it turns out to be less of a disappointment for you.

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