Best SE for my newly bald squash

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    Hey gents,

    Been embracing the thinning hair on my scalp the past few years, and have taken the leap to full-on bald (despite the mild protests from the wife).

    When I first decided to "go for it" I felt I needed to stick to my dedication to vintage wet shaving, and loaded a new blade in my I-type Schick and went for it...well, weeper city and an irritated head for about a week, ugh.

    I tried again, with my early 70's Gillette twin with the goop strip that i use for carry-on travel, and it faired "ok" but still had many weepers and irritation.

    I have done a temporary "give-up" and bought an Andis foil shaver, which works well for the time being, but want to get back to "traditional" shaving. I have looked at other electrics and things like the Omniblade and Headblade too, if truly these are the tools I should consider, let me know.

    For those who a) are bald, and b) use a SE what is your weapon of choice? what tips do you have to keep the irritation and weeps to a minimum?

    I have a near full collection of GEMs and Schick injectors to choose from, including Schick twin blades if need be. ( I do have my Gillette Slim as well, the only DE I kept as it was Dad's, but it doesn't get much use at all since I converted to SE)

    It would be nice to use what is in my collection, and not add another device (such as the Head/Omni-blade) if possible.

    Thanks in advance

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    My wife wasn't too thrilled with the shaved look at first either, but got used to it after a few weeks and after a month or so She said she actually liked the look. My Mom on the other hand would still prefer if I grew it back after 10+ years. I think the I is a great choice, I'm really more of An E or G fan, but the I is still a great razor. I would stick with it and work on technique. How many days growth are you going against? If too many it may be best to buzz down with clippers first. Are you using two mirrors or doing the back blind? I and many others find it easier to just go blind. Everything gets reversed in two mirrors and gets very confusing fast. Try to stick to with the grain and don't chase BBS until you're getting better results with just WTG. It's better to leave a little stubble than to have a head full of little red dots. Hope these tips help. Keep us posted.
  2. Think the Schick injectors would be easiest until you get your technique down. The I2 is a favorite of mine. The Gems are all good head shavers but a bit more demanding, the MMOC being best for me. My #1 SE though is the Enders Speed with a Schick Proline.

    I shave daily. One tip is to first lather up your head and let it sit and saturate the stubble while you shave your beard. Made a huge difference for me.

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  3. Thanks, Gents

    I took this tip above with me post shower today and did a single + touch up on a day old foil trimmer shave along w a freshly bladed I type. And got away with no weepers or irritation. I left many a spot with some stubble but not visible just to the touch. So clearly not BBS but happy for now.

    Will keep u up to date o. How this goes.

    It didn’t take any longer than running the electric over the head.

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  4. Balding old hippie, here. I had the bad example of my older brother who adopted the combover style. He had to be careful which way he faced when the wind was blowing! I grew my hair long as long until I started getting thin on top. I never wanted to be a bald dude with a pony tail, so I asked my wife if she thought it'd be a good look to go smooth, but keep my down-to-the-belt beard.

    Here's why I love her so much: she went out to the barn, got the horse clippers, and ordered me into the garage where she cleaned my skull down to stubble and sent me upstairs to use my shaver. That was 25 years ago. Up until recently I had an electric shave, but I get a much better shave now with wet shaving.

    Technically, it probably doesn't matter what you use as long as you can learn to use it and it performs as you expect. I like Gem-style razors but I'm pretty picky about shave quality. For a vintage shave, I like a Gem MMOC. I would love to find a good Gem Damaskeene Open Comb! For a "Gem-ish" take on a modern razor, I like the ATT G1 and love the PAA Starling V2 OC.

    In the AC format I like the ATT SE1, which along with an SE2 that I haven't used yet are my only AC razors. If I had just enough time to grab one razor on the way out the door during The Big One, it would be (at this moment) the SE1. I say that without yet having tried Brother Rabidus' favourite blade, the Schick Proline.

    Depending on your age, you may have the same thing as I do: harder hair, softer skin. I like a blade that is supremely sharp (Personna PTFE coated Gem style, Feather Pro/Pro Super for AC style) and I need some open comb blade exposure to get close enough. This requires some concentration and care, but I get smooth shaves.

    Then I dab on just a little Nivea for Sensitive Skin. Ain't much on the smell, but it sure enough cures the irritation!

    You may find, as I did, that having a nice foil shaver handy can save your hiney if you're starting to get some irritation trying to get a close shave. Yeah, in the game it's a cop-out, but in real life it's a reasonably measured response, I think.

    Probably the basic advice applies to your injectors as well for head shaving: Fresh blade, concentration on point, slicker than normal lather, go slow. It gets easier -- just gotta bend the arms a different way.

  5. Awesome share OH. Thanks. I am encouraged.

    I have a damaskeen in user grade condition willing to let go if you are interested. DM me and I can get u picks. It doesn’t get much play in my rotation. (Also have a Jr short fat handle as well that has fallen to the side)

    I may try one of my other GEMs soon in the head once I get a bit more shaves with the Schick under my belt.

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  6. I often use a Schick type L injector with a Japanese Twin blade. You can find Type L for pretty inexpensive on the bay or order the clone from eBarbershop. The Japanese twins can also be found on the bay but shipping times can be up to a couple weeks
  7. I have several L-types, an adjustable, two black handles, a tennis handle, an Easy-rider, a r/w/b Olympic handle and a Shift/Schick Stick...

    I tried the adjustable with a single bladeat a "1" setting, no nicks, no irritation, not the closest tho, but I think i found the right tool; next "trip" will go with a "2" and titrate up each time until I get the close shave I want, which should allow me to get the muscle memory down as I go...
  8. Nice! Good luck and report back if you can! I've been eyeing a Schick Adjustable but I'm currently trying to round out my collection of Repeating Razors, Soo it may a bit before I get a chance to try one.

    Glad you've narrowed it down to what sounds like a solid choice!
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    Possibly a bit late to the party but I wanted to mention the Razorock Hawk V2. I bought mine back in Feb to compliment my new hobby of head shaving with SR / shavette, and I've no regrets at all particularly at the price. I've done about 6-7 full head shaves with it now on days when I don't have time for the straight and it is excellent.

    I use it exactly as I did my cartridge razors - ATG / XTG in the thicker areas, first pass (I barely bother going ATG on the top where my hair's thinnest, there's no point). The V2 is very forgiving of angle and pressure, the wide blade can mow hair down quickly, and one can tune the feel of the razor by using different Artist Club blades. Currently I have a ProGuard blade in it, but have also used Feather Pro and Schick Proline, and found those very comfortable. With the limited use mine has had I couldn't say how long blades last, but AC Club blades get me around 7 shaves in my AC SS shavette.

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    I have used all of my SE razors to shave my head (MMTOC, Clog-Pruf, Damaskeene, Injectors (G, E, J), Jr. Everready etc.).

    All are good, but if I had to choose one it would be the Damaskeene.
  11. Day 2 with the adjustable. This time on “2”. Closer w some BBS areas, but I am still missing spots and having trouble mapping the back...still no irritation or weeps.

    Amazon took back the headblade. Full refund!! I feel like I committed sacrilege to the hard core b&b SE crew by even trying it!! Lol

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  12. Do you shave everyday?
    I've been thinking of buying an AC type SE and the Hawk would be the cheaper option to try this type of razors.
    But I heard it's a mild razor. I only shave twice a week and I need an efficient razor (the hair I still got is tough as hell).
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    I do shave (more or less) daily, however since binning cartridges, the vast majority of my shaves are completed with my Feather AC SS. I wanted an SE razor that was compatible with the AC blades, and with its price and IMO excellent performance the RR Hawk seemed a great option. No regrets, albeit with only a limited number of shaves done, it's definitely a quality item. I did a little write-up here if you want to take a look:

    First(ish) SE shave, and noob review of RazoRock Hawk v2

    In terms of whether it's mild or not, I couldn't say. Opinions on here seem to differ, and as an adult I've only ever used the one SE razor. It feels fine on my scalp, neck and cheeks, and shaves more than close enough. As I say one can also tune the Hawk's feel by using different blades. I imagine that a Pro Super blade would offer a more aggressive shave if wanted, as these blades project further out than the Pro blades or the others I've used. In terms of the Hawk's performance i would say it's equivalent with the closeness I get from the AC SS, no discernible difference in that way I'd say. But the Hawk is much, much quicker to get the job done!

  14. I shave my scalp between every day and every other...

    Last SE of this type I tried was one of the Cobra's, I found it to be too big of a razor for my face, but wasn't shaving my scalp at that time, for $30 (as opposed to around $100+/-) it may be worth reconsidering...just not sure its worth investing in yet another razor style at this point...I am probably 5 years past my razor discovery phase of this hobby, and have comfortably settled into the injectors and GEMs (after exploring almost all styles of vintage to modern)...and have even honed in on a few likes/dislikes within each genre...if I had read this 5 years ago, I would have snatched one up within minutes of reading your response!!
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    Fair play, and thanks! I have no connection with RR BTW. I just wanted to mention it as I feel they have worked hard to achieve a really good product at a very reasonable price. And my opinion only counts as far as it can - newbie to safety razors; using razor solely for scalp and edges of my beard.

    I'm consciously trying to avoid getting drawn into acquiring other razors. That said my want for the Oren V2 has not diminished, and some of those vintage GEMs look very cool indeed... I need to stop reading B&B!
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    I saw a Damaskeene on Etsy just now after searching GEMs razors, nothing to do with this thread honestly ;)... Looks amazing, a bit Gothic! No chance of clogging I'd imagine, I bet it's very dependent on correct angle though?
  17. Very much so but not a challenge to learn to get right. Just keep the head flat against the face. I just find if the blade is not lined up proper the corner can stick out and that causes the most issue.

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  18. Been down that rabbit hole. It’s hard to get out sometimes!! But the discovery road was a fun trip.

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    Useful tip - enabling, even ;)

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