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Best razor for around the nose?

055E66BE-2877-4376-9DDD-4381CB3CF0E3.jpeg Thick heads like the Parker OC and Muhle OC have always given me trouble (cuts and irritation) under and around the nose. I really like the Merkur OC and RazoRock SLOC for this but I especially like the PAA Ascension for under and around the nose. It’s the best I’ve used so far. Short handles like the Magyars MRT really help to get into tricky spots. What are some of your favorite razors for shaving under the nose?
+1 on the Schick injectors.

I also like the Focus Dynamic R48. I can go ATG under the nose comfortably with the Focus but not with the injectors.
I've only had trouble with really big heads like the Futur. I've also found TTO a little trickier, but can manage with them. The number of heads I have trouble with are much smaller than the ones I don't.
The Focus Dynamic R48 looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing Jenks.
FYI. If you look around the forums you will see that there is a bit of a love/hate relationship with this razor. It works really well for me but for others not so much. I would encourage you to look at all the comments/reviews if you are thinking of getting one.
Hi, the Mùhle Rocca is great for under the nose but the best by far is the Focus r48 razor as others say.

I alternate between the Rocca and ATT and when I use the latter, I often use the Focus for under the nose area.
Among double edge razors, I find the Game Changer to be excellent at shaving in those tight spots. I also find the AC Style Black Hawk to work well. While some claim the wide blade makes it difficult to maneuver, the head is also very thin from front to back which allows me to easily shave under my nose.
The only razors I've had issues with where some Gem razors and a couple of DE's with extremely large heads but a stretch of the nose one way or the other usually takes care of things so a lot of razors work fine.
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