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Best razor and blade combo you've used?

What are some of the best razor/blade combinations you all have used? Also, what kind of skin/beard is your canvas? (i.e. Sensitive/corse)
Like almost everyone on this board, I have sensitive skin and tough stubble. :lol:

For DE razors - 7 O' Clock New open comb, pre-war Tech, or Fatboy with a Voskhod. Especially for that first shave, I haven't had a blade as smooth as a Teflon-coated Voskhod. (I do know that Teflon is the DuPont trademark and Voskhods are really ptfe-coated, but Teflon just sounds too cool!)

For SE razors - Gem 1912 Junior with Connaught's Teflon-coated blades. (more ptfe)

I just realized that all of my favorite blades are coated with ptfe. :laugh:
Coarse beard with normal skin except for the lower neck which is only slightly sensitive.

FatBoy - Feather
Slim Adjustable - Feather
Super Speed (more than one) - Feather
Fat Handled Gold Tech - Feather
EJ DE89 Gold Barley - Feather
Muhle R106 - Feather
Merkur Long Handled HD - Astra (only because this was the first shave with this razor and I had a slightly used Astra)
Merkur Futur - Feather

There are other Razors as well. Do you think I like Feather? Now for the rest of the story. Recently I've been switching around with Astra, new Personna's (sharper) and Derby Extra. I get BBS shaves with all of these blades in every razor I've tried them in. The only blade I was not happy with was a Merkur but I only tried 1.

I believe that my success is due in part to face preparation and the fact that I like using soap and cream together to make a fantastic luxurious lather.
Extremely Sensitive Skin. I use a Muhle r106 safety razor with Personna blades in the summer and Merkur Blades in the winter. Don't ask why there is a difference in the blades, but there seems to be..
^^ interesting. Is the Mühle 106 similar to the R89? I own the 89 and also have very sensitive skin with a coarse curly beard.
I believe all Muhle safety bar razors are the R89 head with different handles, and the toothcombs are the R41 with different handles.
This is a difficult question for me to answer. I have the worst combination: Very coarse whiskers (mostly because I am having red beard) and a sensitive skin.

15C + Feather gives a very good first shave. After that the blade is dull because of my very coarse beard. The second shave with Feather blades becomes painful.

The combination that works OK for me is 15C + Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow. These blades lasts about two shaves. 15C is the razor I like most because of how mild it is.
After 30+ years of shaving my beard is somewhere in between medium to very course and my skin is semi sensitive. Although I'm new to DE shaving I have used set ups that have cut the ? out of my face. My best shaves to date come from my '34 Aristocrat with a Gillette Silver Blue and a SC New w/ a GSB as well.
For me it's Merkur 39c and Feather, but I suspect this razor will improve almost any blade. My beard is fairly coarse and fast growing, while my skin is tough as old nails yet doesn't look weather beaten.

Other good combinations that come to mind are Ted Pella blades in my Shick G and Feather SE blades in my Gem 1912's. Gillette 7 o'clock Permasharps and Gillette Blues (carbon) in my British Aristocrat #21 and Gillette Slim set on 9 are also excellent performers for me.

I must qualify this by saying that I have been wet shaving traditionally for five months, and contemporary wet shaving for over thirty years. So having many more blades in my sampler pack to try, and a pile of antique blades for when I am feeling more adventurous, I think I can fairly say that I will discover many more agreeable combinations.
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My current favorite is merkur 34c and astra sp's. I have tried feathers, gillette platinum blacks and merkur blades. I'm sure there's been another blade or two I've tried, just can't recall right now. I prefer the mildness of the astra because I can take my time, focus on blade angle and multiple passes don't irritate my skin like other blades. I only do an against grain and touch up pass, that's all my skin can handle.
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Normal beard and sensitive skin here. My definitely preferred combo is Weber PH with Gillette Silver Blue by a wide margin.
I'm a newbie to wet shaving. I started with a Weber. The allure of the Muhle R41G was just to appealing. I gave in to temptation and ordered one from Shavenation.com. The R41G, feather blade, and proraso pre-shave soap guarantees a BBS shave. Shaving with a slow hand and no razor pressure to the face is the key.
I know everyone thinks they have a thick beard and thin skin, but I have independent confirmation of that fact:

I made the mistake once of getting a straight razor shave at a barber college (because I was in school myself and hey, cheap). After about four or five strokes, the student barber, who was only a week or two removed from his state exam and licensure and his own chair somehwere, this student barber had to give up and hand the razor over to the professor, who finished the job. Upon completion of the first (first!) pass, the professor exclaimed that he had never seen such an unfortunate combination of coarse beard and thin skin. He said, and I quote, "it's like every time I put the razor to your face, you start bleeding."

I've gotten good results with a plain closed-comb razor and blades out of Gillette's St. Petersburg factory, be they Astras or Bleue Extras, but even on good days I have at least one or two weepers here or there. Such is life.

My personal experience notwithstanding if you should happen to be in Cleveland, Ohio, I highly recommend the La Barberia barber college on Mayfield rd. in Little Italy. Professional, courteous, reasonably-priced, and quite liberal with the hot towels!
So far I believe the best combo I've put to work is the ATT R1 along with an Astra. I'd characterize my canvas as 'tricky' because I have multi-directional grain in areas of my neck and it can be sensitive at times.
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