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Best place to buy fully restored razor or commission new one?

Hey all, a number of years ago I gave a “friend” all 10 of my 8/8 & 9/8 1800s/early 1900s razors to hone and/or rescale. Long story short after multiple excuses and sob stories I never got them back. I now live across the country with no hope of ever seeing them again.

I’d like to find one really nicely restored 8/8 wedge-ish with a barbers notch. In the early 2000s ebay was the place to go for restored antique razors, but not sure if that still holds true? Also, the few folks I knew who made custom razors have retired or disappeared.

Any suggestions on where to start would be recommended (I did already check the sales section of the forum).
Without knowing your budget, for restored razors, Griffith Shaving Goods. You'll pay more for that size though. For customs, Koraat Knives. There will be some lead time there, however.

I have seen a few ebay sellers whose work I might trust, but it's a bit more of a gamble, of course.

There are other options but those two are based on personal experience.
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On eBay there are a few sellers mentioned here that are trusted by board members. If you are investing in something your looking to keep then research some of the older posts about those sellers. I tend to buy on eBay but the pictures have to be clear and the hone wear has to be minimal and the base has to meet my certain standards and criteria for me to pull the trigger. 8/8’s tend to sell top dollar tho so if your heart is set on that be sure to choose wisely and get what you want.

Keep in mind that not all restored razors are equally good. A while ago a local guy who hones and restores straight razors told me that some people are using power tools to shine and remove the rust of straight razors and they are selling them and that there's a very high chance that the steel can be damaged from those tools, since they are heating the steel and that might ruin it's properties. Be very careful when buying old straight razors that are not NOS/mint, but look very clean and shiny and are also inexpensive at the same time.
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