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    In NYC, Keste for Neapolitan, Artichoke Basile Sicilian margharita for a slice, and Patsy's with pepperoni and kalamatas for a classic New York pie.
  1. I don't know which style is best but I do know that the best pizza will have pepperoni and New Mexico green chile (extra hot from Socorro or Lemitar, if you please) as the two main toppings.

  2. Do they have a shop or just a maul/distro business? I have to goto Kingsville next weekend and would 't mind a slight detour.

  3. Pepis, New haven CT........It just does not get any better then that....:thumbup1:
  4. A Cheery/ Apple pie with brandied cream is Yum !
  5. Pizzeria Vesuvio in Cervino (Caserta) Italy.

    I'm a pizza nut and I've found nothing better, ever.:thumbup:
  6. gearchow

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    What exactly is Chicago Style btw?

    I would love a chart showing different styles -vs- crust -vs- toppings

  7. maxman

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    Best pizza i've ever had was at a place called Woodstock's in San Diego.
    It was about 10 years ago, but I still remember the taste.
    Fresh everything. That's the way to go.

    EDIT: Under no duress do I say that SWMBO's pizza is the best. Thank you. That is all. (*gulp*)
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  8. Chicago style is a deep dish, buttery, flaky, pie-like crust with lots of toppings and is as filling as a casserole.
  9. I've lived in NYC, Boston, Phila and Chicago and have enjoyed all the regional variations of natures most nearly perfect food. Amazingly, the best US pizza I've had is here in Spokane. We have a local man who lived in Italy, imports all the ingredients from there, including (horror) the high gluten flower, hand tosses and has a wood fired brick oven. His toppings vary from the traditional to the creative. It is a classic thin, crispy crust which remains chewy. Ahh heaven.
  10. Don't forget the the thin crust chicago style. Just crispier crust and cut into squares for the most part.

  11. luvmysuper

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    A deep dish type of Pizza.


    They do have thin crust, but I was specifically thinking of this;

  12. gearchow

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    Wow, turns out I have never had Chicago Style pizza. Does the American Heart Association have it's headquarters in Chicago? That pie looks like it could stop at least 10 hearts!

    If I ever get the chance, Damn the Arteries!

  13. The best pizza I ever had was when I was younger visiting some relatives near Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was a simple thin crust, with maybe an olive oil based sauce, fresh sliced tomatoes, and fresh garlic. The cheese was light the pie was heavenly. Wish I remembered more about it. A good Chicago Deep dish is pretty unbeatable though.
  14. As far as Chicago Pizzeria's go...

    Lou Malnati's >> Gino's East = Uno = Giordano's >> Pompei >> Connie's


  15. This may be a dumb question. I've never had Chicago-style deep dish pizza. My question is:

    How do you eat that thing?!
  16. luvmysuper

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    One bite at a time man, one bite at a time......

    It's solid enough to pick up and eat, or you can do the (gasp) knife and fork thing.
  17. That's so hard to believe considering how thick it is! I'll have to try it to believe it I guess.

    NY pizza, for the most part, isn't amazing. You'll never get a bad slice in NY, but I've never been knocked off my socks by any of it either. Except when you get a huge slice for a dollar. That's good enough for me!
  18. Jim

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  19. I have to say I used to love Deep Dish. Had a local college place that made a great deep dish that rivaled anything I have had in Chicago............. but I can't handle it anymore..... Just tears me up (be it UNO or any of the Chicago transplants that have opened locally).... 2 Slice and I am done for the day. Just too much of a good thing.


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