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Best online price for Norton 4000/8000?

I've found this hone for $75 at vintage blades llc. Anyone know of any better price online? This seems like a pretty good price to me.
Actually, I just found the Norton Waterstone Starter Kit at Amazon for $114 inc. shipping. This seems like a better deal for a beginner like moi. So I'm probably going to go for it because I have about a dozen straight razors I've cleaned up and will start polishing soon and I really, really want to learn to hone so I can offer shave-ready straight razors for sale like all the big kids do.
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I ordered my norton 4k/8k from vintage blades. Fast shipping and excellent customer service. I was going to buy the starter kit from amazon but they were sold out till like august or something like that. You might want to make sure they actually have some if you dont want to wait awhile.
Don't know if you have a Woodcraft Shop near you. If there's one reasonably close, you may wanna go to the store's website and print off their $10.00 off coupon. They sell the 4k/8k for $74.00. $64.00 with the coupon. The four hone set (220, 1000, 4000, 8000) is $200.00 not including the discount. Coupon expires at the end of the month. They also sell lapping film.
Just started honing last week and trust me, that film is all they say it is and more.

Toldu, I already ordered the starter set of Norton hones, but I'm going to look into that lapping film. Thanks for the tip.
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