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    I have my first GEM coming this week (Minute Man). What is the best modern GEM and if you also own a vintage GEM how does it compare to the modern GEM that you believe is best?
  2. I have a ‘30’s Micromatic and a ‘58 Push Button. As a daily shaver, they both are efficient and effective. However, the weight and required angle of the MMOC makes it a favorite.
  3. Sir, is that your version of vintage and modern? :001_tongu
  4. Yes sir. :a29:
  5. Are you asking about comparing vintage GEM Single Edge razors to modern Single Edge razors?
  6. Respectfully, the question is poorly constructed. Please define your range of the "modern Gem razors."

    I have a tough beard and the best Gem razor for me (by far) is the Gem Micromatic Open Comb from the 1930's and 1940's.

    I suggest the range for modern Gem Razors would be circa 1950 onwards.
  7. I suspect that the OP is wanting to know how the GEM razors released within the past 5 or 6 years (artisan GEM razors, for lack of a better term) compare with "vintage" GEM razors, which, if my assumption is correct, would include all the GEM razors released prior to the quite new artisan razors in question (Sabre, Above the Tie G1, PAA offerings, etc.).

    Unless I miss my guess.

    Sadly, I have never tried any of the modern GEM razors except one. I can't even remember the name of it. I tried it in a passaround. It's very expensive. I hated it.
  8. I’ve tried many vintage Gems (all the Micromatics, and everything from the 1901 New Gem Lather Catcher to the 1958 Push Button, and all are better shavers IMHO than the 1 modern Gem razor I’ve tried, which is the PAA Starling V2. I know others like the Starling, but I wasn’t a fan. It’s ok, but it can’t hold a candle to any of the Micromatics (again, IMO).

    My top 3 SE razors are: Gem Damaskeene Open Comb, Gem Jr Bar Lather Catcher, and The MMOC.
  9. I exclusively use vintage SE razors. After much research into "modern" ones I have concluded that they ate not worth the money or my time. The vintage razors provide great shaves at a fraction of the price and they have proven they can stand the test of time. I also like the history of vintage razors along with the nice look they have.

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  10. I have no knowledge or experience with "artisan Gem razors released in the last 5 years of so."

    I'd like to hear more about that and some pictures if possible.
  11. Off the top of my head, here's a quick list:

    1) Sabre, which came out in two iterations, named Level 1 and Level 2. The Level 1 is quite mild, by report
    2) Above the Tie G1. The first version of this one was also apparently ridiculously mild, to the point that purchasers were offered free exchanges when the head was re-tooled. This was a really cool looking razor but as far as I can tell was a complete failure. I never hear anyone talk about it at all. I'm not even sure if it is still being made
    3) Pheonix Artisan Accountrements Starling. Again, I think two versions
    4) Whatever that God-awful thing was I tried out a few years ago in a passaround. It was so bad I can't even remember what it was called or who made it. It cost upwards of $200, if memory serves. No blade tabs, so it tended to cut up the face with the edges of the blade. It was also very aggressive. Maybe somebody reading this can remember what the razor was called and who made it
  12. So who decided these razors had any connection, real or imagined, to the Gem SE razors of yesteryear?

    I could call my bicycle a Gem razor, I suppose, but that doesn't make it a Gem razor, or suggest any connection to the historical line of Gem razors!
  13. GEM hasn’t made a razor since ‘79, if I remember correctly.
  14. ATT is happy to sell you a new G1 for $99 plus handle. I don't know if they're really pursuing that anymore though, or just selling out existing stock.

    There is a naming hassle, because we can shortcut the name of any razor that uses Gillette-style double edge blades as a "double edge razor", because nobody else made a double edge blade that survived in the market. You can't really do that with single-edge razors because there are a few different kinds of SEs (Gem, Schick injector, Artist Club, Weck, Valet, etc.) so it's clearer to say that a Gem style razor is one that uses Gem-style single edge blades no matter who actually made the razor.

    There weren't any Gem style single edge razors made from the 1980s until very recently, so that does tend to naturally separate "modern" from "vintage". But, it's also pretty easy to separate the ASR and predecessor-made razors that use the Gem and other trademarks into their own age categories, as shown in the chart that @mata_66 created and posted in a few threads on this board.
  15. I think it's pretty obvious the OP is simply looking for modern razor which uses a GEM blade. Pretty straightforward connection based upon the blade. I don't believe your bicycle uses a GEM blade which would be the difference.

  16. GEM and Schick don’t share the same blades or design. It’s your misfortune to conflate the two designs and brands
  17. I know they don't share the same blades or design. Neither do any of the others referenced. That was the point. They're all "single edge razors". So if you just say "single edge razor", which one do you mean? You can't assume Gem. Or Schick, or any of the others. They have to be referenced by the design of the blades they use.
  18. We usually discuss them as separate since they shave and are deigned differently
  19. And then there's one modern razor that will use Gem Blades and it will be free to everybody who wants to have it printed in 3D. The TNNSER 3D


    It's only in the prototype stage at the moment but I'm eagerly waiting for the files to be released.

    (that Enders Speed-style handle :001_wub::001_wub::001_wub:)
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    Maybe I could have been more clear. Rookie GEM mistake. When I think of modern I am thinking of ATT, Sabre, Mongoose etc.

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