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Best Menthol Tallow Soap

I've heard Stirling Glacial is nice. Yeti Snot also, but I don't think that's a tallow soap. QCS Vostok is another one you may want to look into.
The Stirling Glacial is not available currently. I can recommend the Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic or Frozen Tundra though........
I think you can still get a sample of Stirling Glacial. But it is the strongest menthol tallow I've tried. Yeti Snot isn't a tallow base but might be stronger from what I've read.
Rod told me that he is working on bringing out some shave sticks in some scents. Right now, Glacial is not available in any form.
FBD: Good news! Rumor has it that the new batch of reformulated Glacial is curing and will be available before too long!
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