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Best knot to replace Simpsons Case

I have a Simpsons Case in Best which is shedding a lot (probably my fault, it started after some aftershave spilled on it in my bag and it sat for several days.) I'd like to replace it with as similar a knot as possible as I really loved how it performed before - can anyone recommend the best knot and size to use?

I replace the best knot in my Case with a 16mm TGN F2 and it's fantastic. The look of the two band is certainly different but performance is really good.
TGN F2 is pretty nice and is a good choice since you really like your best although im pretty sure the case also comes in 19 mm so make sure you size properly before hand, but I can also suggest a wonderful silver tip brush off eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/High-Qualit...t=US_Shaving_Hair_Removal&hash=item258596d18e

at under $20 do not let it fool you! It is an insanely well made knot rivaling the quality of the super high dollar brushes. Also http://thegoldennib.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=9_42 They have EXTREMELY high quality knots in their standard silvertip they also have a super high grade silvertip in the next link They also have a "high mountain" silvertip grade which can only be matched quality wise.

also here they have all choices of various grades of badger and syntheric and otherwise http://thegoldennib.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=9&zenid=555a3d55bc8d734e6d03337c9cc0f6ef

Choose wisely!
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I have done quite a few restorations and have used some nib synthetics. In general people are impressed with the fact they do not shed but are only mildly satisfied with their performance.

I do believe synthetic will eventually earn a secure footing in the market. With various technologies coming out.
1 Tapered hairs.
2 Water retaining textures on the surface of the nylon.
3 Reminding you fact that badgers have to die.

There is a reason why every traditional shaver should be actively seeking improvement in synthetics. If the traditional shaving user community continues grows at the pace that it has the past few years, demand for natural hairs will become an issue. Supply of natural fibers will more than likely not increase, and may likely decrease due to over harvesting in certain countries
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I used a Muhle synthetic V2. It was super soft, and you would likely never know it was a synthetic construction. It was extremely "springy" and lacked splay. Two things I really never considered in a brush, having only used natural hair boar and badger. Personally I did not like the synthetic, YMMV.
Of course! Although I think badger is superior and I personally would never use synthetic. For vegan concerns I have installed quite a few synthetics I believe this http://www.muehle-shaving.com/shop/classic/purist/halter___austauschkoepfe/143/238/1 and grind the threads off Or better yet thread your brush handle on a lathe so it fits. Talk about some time on the lathe though. But at that point in time, you`re paying as much for a knot as you could buy a whole brand new silvertip brush for or 2 nevermind the labor...

Also I have heard the men-u premier synthetic brush is nice. Men u is supposed to be sending me a synth to review. I did call the company and let them know that I though it was not fair they did not soak the badger hair in the water in their video. http://www.men-uusa.com/men-upremiershavingbrushandstandwithfreeshavingskintravelset.aspx

Jason Holland, a professional stylist in the UK. But he did not soak the badger in water before running the test...
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