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Best Inexpensive Cream - IYHO

I was interested in getting a cream (just one), but I've spent quite a bit of money recently on straight razors, a new brush, a couple of soaps, so I'm looking for a budget-minded cream that is still a good one. That will give me two soaps and a cream.

If you only want to buy once then the Italian 500ml professional tubes are the way to go.

These should be at 10.00 or less.
If you like to stay with the regular 100-150ml tubes look out for La Toja, Lea, Palmolive or the regular Proraso tubes.
Another vote for Speick Original.

The cost per use isn’t any cheaper than my premium creams though. The tube is small, consistency is soft and you need a lot of it. Great performance though and a low price tag.
Kiss My Face
La Toja

Price can vary by vendor and country so it depends on where you look. Good creams can be had for much lower prices in their home countries.
I'm in the U.S. Kiss My Face was OK, but I didn't like the pump bottle that it comes in. When it got low, it wouldn't pump any more out, and there was still plenty there. I cut the plastic bottle open to scoop it out.
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