Best inexpensive bois du Portugal clone

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Maponis, Jun 4, 2019.

    can anyone recommend a good inexpensive bois du Portugal clone? What’s the best inexpensive clone?
  1. I honestly dont think there's anything that smells like it.
    best place to ask is Fragrantica or basenotes
  2. Lalique Pour Homme Eau de Parfum. The one with the lion's head on the bottle
  3. I think Dua makes a clone called Royal Portugal. I've never tried it. There are other fragrances that are not clones per se, but are kind of in the same ballpark - New York Intense, Heritage, Lalique PH. You may be better off just getting a decant of the real thing.
  4. @jdp93 I was thinking the same thing before posting this when I saw the price of New York Intense
  5. It’s not cheap, but Pengaligons Castile lasts the longest of any eau de Portugal / cologne style I’ve tried. Lasts over 10 hours, with a great orange blossom and neroli scent.

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  6. I looked at this will probably get a bottle of this to try it not to bad a price
  7. I think this scent will really surprise quite a few here. It’s in the same ballpark as Creed BdP only just a bit more amber and a gentle subtle sweetness. It has a semi modern vibe while still maintaining a classic and nostalgic gentlemanly scent. And it only costs like %10 of what Creed BdP would cost you. A true sleeper and a classic.....

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    Not a clone, but I think that Caron's "le 3eme homme de caron (3rd Man)" has some similarities to Creed's Bois du Portugal. It often shows up at reasonable prices.
  9. When I sampled BDP I thought it smelled like a classier, more complex Heritage (Guerlain). I'm not saying Heritage qualifies as a clone or copy, but the basic sweet spicy note smells very similar to me? If you haven't tried Heritage you might want to get a sample? The bottle is $62 (3.3 oz) at now.
  10. Less than that! I just checked and has it for only $18 (3.4 oz)!! I had a sample once - don't remember what it smelled like but I liked it. This is a STEAL - will have to order it...
  11. One that comes pretty close is New York by Patricia de Nicolai.
  12. There you go. That’s an awesome deal for this juice that has flown under the radar. Been around too for some time. Enjoy!
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    I had the Lalique PH edt. I loved it but longevity was not great. I just bought the edp and it has much better longevity. Since I have never sampled the Creed BdP I have no idea how close it is.
  14. Great stuff!
  15. I ordered a bottle of the Lalique ph especially should be here late tomorrow looking forward to trying it

    I added this to my list I will be trying it, I like what I read on the scent profile. hopefully if lasts longer than cool water really turned me off to Davidoff the scent is good but it doesn’t last at all but for the price it’s worth trying

    I added this to my list as well it has a nice scent profile at a good price I will be trying this as well

    Thanks for all the recommendations
  16. I haven't sampled BdP, but I have a bottle of Lalique PH EdP. It's one of my favorites for sure. It comes across as classy and understated. I hope you enjoy it!
  17. So I got my Lalique yesterday and used it today I like it it’s a good scent
  18. This...
  19. I have now tried this I like it it has a great scent and got around 5 hours out of it who’s is much better that I got with cool water thanks for the recommendation

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