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Best hangover food?

In my younger more foolish days it was a Super Veggie pita with fries from the local Greek restaurant. Nowadays I try really hard to not drink that much that I'm hungover the next day.


Any female RN that needs bilateral IVs after partying to hard would definitely be welcome in my rig!

We don’t have thiamin. But we do have ondansetron 4mg vials.
We haven’t had Thiamin in years. Not since it fell out of favor with the alcoholic hypoglycemia/coma cocktail line of thought. I was lucky to start my career in a mid-size city in Texas with only 2 hospitals. Most of the ED RN’s were former medics so we did a lot of partying together. When I moved to the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and we had like 15 hospitals we could transport to I never got to know any of the nurses (of course I was married by then too.)
The bugger is I do not like beer or sweet stuff at all so wine and hard liquor it is.
Best hangover food shoarma with garlic. Though I would not mind a portion of hueovos rancheros with some black coffee and a bottle of sports drink with some ibuprofen and vit b


My favorite was always cast iron skillet potato hash-browns extra greasy with the bacon drippings and diced onions.
Back in the day my go-to solution was water, a multivitamin, some ibuprofen and a nap. Sometimes a little "hair of the dog" dedpending on what exactly did me in. Then I got Old and discretion kicked in.


A couple of cans of Chef Boyardee Beefaronis or Roller Coasters on buttered white toast covered in parm cheese. Trust me on this! A couple of gallons of water or orange juice on the side as well. 👍

If I go out, something greasy like a roast beef hash with eggs and home fries. With a Caesar (Canadian Bloody Mary) on the side of course.
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I was the opposite when I drank, I would choose to not eat and would be OK by midday or so. Eating 'hangover' food just made me feel lazier

Lots of water and electrolytes and b-6

Eggs are some of the best, though. Alcohol depletes your body of glutathione, and eggs replenish. Other amino acids, as well, which is why a protein rich meal seems to help
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